Reclaiming My Divine Nature

by Jessica Weiss It was an unexpectedly quiet and solitary moment during which I encountered Hadley’s “Diaspora: A Prayer.” (If you have not yet read her achingly beautiful essay, do yourself a favor and hop on over and spend a few minutes there. I’ll wait.) Sandwiched between 14-hour workdays, planning a baby shower for a […]

A Career: God’s Surprising Plan for Me

Image credit: aekpalakom by Aleesa Sutton The life I am living is one I never imagined for myself as a young woman. Like plenty of other teenage Mormon girls, I imagined that by my mid-30s I would be married and have a brood of children I was happily raising at home. Instead, at 33, I […]

I am My Own Plan A

by Hadley Duncan Howard My mother is a feminist. She’s a mid-century, never-employed, stay-at-home… feminist. Her own mother had a career, but Mom stayed at home because she chose to, because that interested her, because she felt called to be there. She always taught me that I could do anything I wanted to do, including […]

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