YW Activity Plan: Visiting an Art Gallery or Museum

Prepared by Laura Durham PURPOSE: Analytical skills, evaluating multiple perspectives, and communicating personal opinion is an important quality needed to excel in the academic and professional world. It is also helpful in friendships and family relationships. OBJECTIVES: To practice asking questions before forming opinions. To nurture confidence in analyzing unfamiliar subject matter and how to […]

Taking the Young Women on a College Campus Tour

by Holly Ties to Personal Progress: Divine Nature: Part of developing your divine nature is “adding knowledge.”  We can choose to add knowledge in a myriad of ways, but a formal college education is one of the most straightforward and best ways to do so. Individual Worth: “You are preparing now to fulfill a unique mission […]

Hosting a Young Women’s Career Night Activity

Karin Williams, a physician, marathon runner, and mother of 5, is also the Young Women’s president of her ward. For the second year, she has planned and organized a weeknight Young Women’s activity focused on careers. She shares her steps and tips for planning this activity below. Ties to Personal Progress: Knowledge: “Learn about an […]

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