YW Activity Plan: Leadership & Project Management

Prepared by Laura Durham PURPOSE: Being a leader is something we all have within us. Whether it is taking the lead role in a group assignment for school, managing a project at work, church, or even at home, management skills are essential to a job well done. Those who can lead can make a difference […]

YW Spotlight: Aspiring Digital Artist & Coder

Zion, and her aunt, Jennifer, on a tour of Pixar studios and LucasFilms during a recent trip to the Bay Area for Zion to attend a tech camp.   Welcome to our new series featuring LDS young women who are pursuing their aspirations and dreams. If you would like to nominate a young woman, please contact […]

YW Activity Plan: Personal Branding

Personal Branding Prepared by Laura Durham PURPOSE: Knowing who you are and the image you want to project into the world creates a strong and focused personality that can effectively communicate passions, goals and aspirations. Having this tailored foundation can help young women as they set goals, choose mentors, and transition through life’s many phases.

Mothers to Daughters: Passing Down Financial Savvy to a New Generation

by Kelli Sauvé As a little girl, I remember sitting at the kitchen table with my mom as she organized the monthly bills, wrote checks, and sealed the envelopes for our monthly trip around town to deliver payments directly to each company. She preferred this instead of mailing the payments, and it was something we […]

Advice for Starting My First Professional Job

by Bryn Watkins Dear Three Years Ago Me, So if I did the math right, you should be opening this letter on the day before you head into work for the first time ever. Did the USPS get it right? Tomorrow is your first day of professional life! Congratulations. I’m not sure this makes me […]

YW Activity Plan: Preparing for a Successful Job Interview

Prepared by Laura Durham PURPOSE: Convincing someone that you’re the right person for a job is essential to success. Interview skills are important not just for job applications, but for any situation where young women need to effectively represent themselves. OBJECTIVES: To prepare young women for real life interviews by practicing needed skills. To inform […]

Yes, You Are Worthy of Options

by Bryn Watkins In my circle of friends–actually my whole generation for these next few years–the future casts a constant, brooding force over any conversation. I feel it breathing on me when I try to sleep at night, peeking through the window at me when I’m loafing with a box of cookies. What are you […]

Diaspora: A Prayer

by Hadley Duncan Howard I weep in the shower after our conversation. I weep and pray and do all I can to not lean into the helplessness that is, at times, motherhood. She says she’s tempted not to raise her hand in class. She says it’s because she feels small there. She says sometimes she’s […]

A Home Away From Home: Dealing with Homesickness

by Bryn Watkins I’m not in Kansas anymore. Or California, for that matter. A week ago, I said goodbye to the good ol U.S. of A. for the last time for a while. I don’t know how long I can stay away this time but from the looks of things, it’ll be at least a […]

Choosing to Wait on College

by Bryn Watkins I realize the long slog through the school year is only half-way behind most of those reading this, and to you I say, you can do it! Rest up well during winter break–you’ve only got one semester to go. But here in New Zealand, summer is upon us. Graduation ceremonies and end-of-year […]

Three Things I Wish I Could Say to Every Young LDS Woman

by Melanie Steimle I recently moved into a ward that is quite diverse in the range of ages represented. There are a good number of young married women in the ward, and occasionally I’ll hear one of them make a comment about school or work that makes me want to jump in with a piece […]

YW Activity Plan: Visiting an Art Gallery or Museum

Prepared by Laura Durham PURPOSE: Analytical skills, evaluating multiple perspectives, and communicating personal opinion is an important quality needed to excel in the academic and professional world. It is also helpful in friendships and family relationships. OBJECTIVES: To practice asking questions before forming opinions. To nurture confidence in analyzing unfamiliar subject matter and how to […]

YW Activity Plan: Writing Meaningful Journal Entries

Prepared by Laura Durham PURPOSE: Competent writing is a valuable and highly sought-after skill in the professional world. Journal writing is an excellent way to practice that skill and record your own personal story. OBJECTIVES: To motivate a desire to develop writing skills and express feeling and detail through experience and story. PERSONAL PROGRESS: *Individual […]


by Nan I started a small Facebook group a few years ago with an assemblage of like-minded friends. We discuss issues relevant to the Church and society. It is a safe place for some to express doubts, concerns and less-than-mainstream thoughts without feeling judged or encouraged to walk away from the Gospel. We buoy each […]

The Friend Magazine’s ‘When I Grow Up’ Feature

In January of this year, The Friend magazine launched a feature entitled “When I Grow Up” that appears every other month in the Church’s publication targeted to primary-age children. This short feature asks questions of people about their jobs in a similar manner to our “Career Day” interviews. January’s issue featured Sheryl Garner, a teacher. March’s […]

Podcast #5: Recently Returned Sister Missionaries

Newly called sister missionaries gather on Temple Square in December 2012. With the recent change in missionary age requirements, more women than ever are choosing to serve LDS missions. In this episode, Drew talks with recently returned missionaries Kate Clayson and Annie Williams about sleep deprivation, the age change, and having too much free time. […]

Mission Possible: Financial Preparation for Sisters

Image credit: Kristen Klein by Kelli Sauvé With the fairly recent announcement lowering the missionary age to 19 for sisters, there has been a sharp increase in the number of young women signing up to serve missions.  This is wonderful and exciting!  If you are one of those young women considering serving a mission I […]

Taking the Young Women on a College Campus Tour

by Holly Ties to Personal Progress: Divine Nature: Part of developing your divine nature is “adding knowledge.”  We can choose to add knowledge in a myriad of ways, but a formal college education is one of the most straightforward and best ways to do so. Individual Worth: “You are preparing now to fulfill a unique mission […]

Book Review: I am Malala

Image credit: Antonio Olmos One of the goals of Aspiring Mormon Women is to encourage women of all ages and walks of life to pursue formal and informal education opportunities. The idea of an AMW book club has been tossed around with book titles selected to generate discussions that support the AMW mission of supporting […]


by Nan I spent nearly half of my mission service training new missionaries. This allowed time for a lot of extra study. I enjoyed this extra study so much that I convinced a couple of my more willing companions to get up early with me even when we weren’t training. Missionaries are fond of bearing […]

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