Entrepreneur Feature: Sheila Sjolseth, Pennies of Time

  “So, the boys and I are going to do an act of kindness every day,” sharing with my husband my new goal, I looked over at him. He paused and returned my look, “That’s great! For how long?” “For the rest of our lives.” I continued folding the laundry. Wow! Vocalizing it felt real […]

Adele Cannon Howells: The Woman Behind the Book of Mormon Paintings

by Brooke Nelson Edwards Artist Arnold Friberg’s images of Nephi building a boat or Alma baptizing new converts near the waters of Mormon have become almost inseparable from the stories contained inside the Book of Mormon. These paintings decorate meeting halls across the world and have graced LDS Church materials for decades, but they were […]

Career Day: International Development

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? My name is Sylvia Cabus.  I immigrated from the Philippines with my parents and grew up in California.  I now live in Washington DC with my husband and son.  I am a Senior Advisor at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), working on gender […]

Career Day: Pilot

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? My name is Alyce Weber. I was born and raised in Hemet (Southern California) and moved to Utah in middle school. I have lived in California, Utah, Texas, Vancouver BC, and Seattle for the last nine years. I am a pilot by profession and a […]

Easing the Transition from SAHM-Life to Working Mom Life

by Brooke Nelson Edwards So you’ve been a stay-at-home mom and now you’re headed back (or maybe going for the first time) to a full-time job outside the home? First off, congratulations on your new job! With the interview and hiring process now behind you, the battle to on-ramping after kids is half won. Maybe […]

Twin Desires: Motherhood AND Career

by Melissa Goates Jones I grew up as the daughter and grand-daughter of aspiring Mormon women. My mother graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and took a job as a professor at a community college. She planned on working just long enough to afford to buy a washing machine. But much to her surprise, she […]

An Interview with Cathy Stokes

by Annie Snow Risenmay Meet Cathy Stokes–nurse AND mother AND healthcare facility inspector. “Humble beginnings” only scratches the surface of Cathy’s childhood. She left her native Mississippi at a young age after being adopted by a family in Chicago during the 1940s. As she grew up, it was clear to her that there were only […]

Trust the Lord’s Plan

by Rebecca Lucero I always remember my mom telling us that all she ever wanted was to be a mom. My mom is a great mom. She’s an amazing seamstress and cook. She can clean anything. Clothes never wear out when she does the laundry. She always attended all our sports games and ran us […]

How to Thrive as a Working Mormon Mom

by Alison Herzog I went through phases growing up – one being a period where I believed I would be a doctor or a lawyer with a husband who stayed home with the kids – and the rest, believing I would be a stay-at-home mother, just like my mom. When the time came for my […]

Career Day: Anesthesiologist

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. What do you do? My name is Cathie Tingey Jones. I recently moved to Eugene, Oregon, after being away from Oregon for twenty years. I grew up about forty miles away in Corvallis, Oregon. I’m an anesthesiologist, which is a physician who specializes in anesthesia. […]

Individually Adapting for our Family’s Circumstances

by Joanna Hadlock I never considered myself a conventional Mormon. I always figured I’d be married with kids one day and have the stay-at-home mom life, but I guess I never really thought about the details until it was time to make the decision. After the birth of our first child, a situation presented itself […]

Career Day: Pharmacist

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Janice Muehle, and I grew up in Sandy, Utah. I currently live in Taylorsville, and I have never lived outside the Salt Lake Valley. I graduated from pharmacy school in May 2014, and I am now a community (retail) pharmacist. I married […]

Career Day: Marine Corps Officer and Pilot

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Janine K. Spendlove and I’m originally from St. George, Utah, but ever since graduating from BYU in 1999 with my BA in history teaching I’ve lived wherever the US Marine Corps has sent me and my family. Currently I’m deployed, and my […]

Child Care: Finding What Works

by Dianne Orcutt Five months ago I became a mother for the first time. And although I had months to prepare for a childcare plan for my daughter before returning to work, I avoided thinking about it because it seemed so fraught with emotion and because I was sure I had plenty of time. Luckily, […]

Making Mom’s Career Part of the Conversation

by Nan Petersen Near the end of my teaching year in May, I received a text from my husband indicating that a job had opened in a city where we have, in the past, considered moving. The job listing was closing that afternoon, and he was thinking of applying. After this bombshell announcement, he asked, […]

Career Day: Chemist

My name is Erin Olson. I live in Orem, Utah. I have a wonderful husband and 5 children — 3 great step children and 2 of my own. I enjoy living in Utah and being so close to the temples and great recreational opportunities. I am originally from the farm town of Sterling, Colorado. Both […]

Career Day: Clinical Research Coordinator

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? My name is Mikaela Larson. I grew up in Providence, Utah before moving to Sandy, Utah as a teenager. I attended Smith College in Massachusetts where I studied Neuroscience and earned All American honors as an alpine ski racer. My husband and I enjoyed living […]

Career Day: Singer

Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Susan Brownfield, and I’m originally from Portland, Oregon. Right now I live in Switzerland with my husband and our two daughters. We ended up in Switzerland unexpectedly, but we’re very happy to be here. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music and have been […]

How to Scale Back a Career

by Melanie Steimle At AMW we often focus on providing support and information for women who are in the process of building their careers, but we also realize that there are times and circumstances in which women want to scale back at work in order to spend more time with their families. Coming back to […]

Career Day: Certified Public Accountant

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Jonyce Bullock and I am a Partner in a CPA Firm located in Orem, UT. I attended BYU and received a Masters in Accountancy with an emphasis in Tax in 2000. Both my husband and I grew up in Orem and loved […]

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