Seeking Poetry Submissions

April is National Poetry Month. As Mormons, we come from a legacy of great poets who have penned many of our favorite hymns and verses. Check out this list of 75 Significant Mormon Poets: to revisit favorites and make some new discoveries. And to celebrate poetry this month, we are inviting the poets amongst us to […]

Having a Purpose for Your Work, Take 2

Image credit: Michelle Jaciubek by Nan Last month I wrote with much conviction about the importance of having a sense of purpose in your work. I made reference to my family of medical professionals and engineers as well as my own vocation as a teacher. Obviously, the focus of the essay was on career-type work. But […]

Work to Do: Reflections on BYU Museum of Art’s Exhibition

Image credit: Amy Jorgensen, Body Archive, 2013 by Heidi Doxey A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the BYU Museum of Art and see their exhibit “Work to Do,” an exhibition that “investigates questions surrounding women’s work, the complex roles in which women engage on a daily basis and the unique ways […]

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