YW Spotlight: Tabitha, Soccer Player & Humanitarian

Name: Tabitha Smith Location: Utah Tell us a little about yourself: I am 14 years old. I am the oldest child and the only girl. I love soccer, traveling, and hanging out with friends. I have been playing soccer since I was six. I played on my high school soccer team this year. I enjoy […]

The Luckiest

by Jessica Weiss For the last several years I have volunteered with a local concert series. I love it – the concerts are great, the people are great, and I really enjoy the work I do there. I was looking forward to one particular concert this year, more than any of the others. I am […]

Voices from the Past: How Family History Taught Me Involvement

by Celeste Tholen Rosenlof Sitting on my Great-Aunt Sandra’s mantle is a small, wooden gavel, about 8-inches long. The gavel belonged to my great-great grandmother, and she used it during her presidency of the Women’s Democratic Club of Utah (WDC). Emilie Cora Lewis Brown – the mother of my maternal grandmother’s father – served on […]

Out of the House and Back to School: Tips on Finishing (or Furthering) Your Education, Part I

Image credit: Avolore by Holly Over two years ago—in one of those quirky God-has-a-sense-of-humor moments—I received both a letter of acceptance into my long dreamt-of Ph.D. program, and a rather unexpected proposal of marriage. In a leap of faith, I threw over the Ph.D. for the Mr.S., and let go of one dream for another. […]

It’s Time to Get Paid: Turning Volunteer Work Into Money

by Laura Durham Like many of you, I was raised in a service-oriented community. Volunteering was not only part of being a good Mormon, it was just good manners. As I’ve grown older, gained more experience, and accumulated items on my to-do list, I’ve had to re-evaluate my philosophy on volunteering. The tricky part is […]

Returning to the Workforce as an LDS Woman

by Holly Whether you’re looking to get back into the workforce after an extended leave as stay-at-home mother, or you’re ready to leave a less-than-wonderful job after years to update your education, it can be daunting jumping into an unfamiliar world. But don’t let your “time away” or “lack of experience” worry you. You haven’t […]

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