The Student Record: Sarah, Reading Endorsement

Name: Sarah Jones School/University: Reading Endorsement through Davis (Utah) School District City/Location: Bountiful, UT Major/Field of Study: Reading Endorsement Marital status/children?: Married, parent to six (ages 4 to 14) What led you to the program that you are currently pursuing or have completed? Why did you select this major or field of study? Please tell […]

Running Across America: Keila Merino

  with Naomi Watkins By the time you read this article, Keila Merino will have already completed 5 days of running an average of 50 miles per day towards her goal to claim the Guinness World Record for the fastest run across America. She’s attempting to run from Los Angeles City Hall to NYC City Hall in […]

My Grandmother – An Original Aspiring Mormon Woman

by Ryan Hammond Pioneer Day weekend is a fitting time for me to remember and pay tribute to one of my personal heroes, my grandmother on my father’s side – Ruth Kartchner Hammond. My beloved Grandma Ruth is the only other person in my immediate family to hold a PhD.  She was an Aspiring Mormon Woman […]

Having A Purpose For Your Work

Image credit: Michael Krigsman by Nan My mom is a nurse and my dad is an engineer. I grew up thinking of “work” as something tangible. Mom told us stories of exciting, life-or-death situations. My favorites were the ones when she would know more than the new residents. My father took us on long car […]

Stuck Like Glue

by Nan Some conversations stick with you. And not in the delightful way that great food sticks to your ribs. More like superglue that irritates your skin and is impossible to remove. Five years ago I was struggling with all the things a young mother wrestles with. The demands of my three young sons seemed […]

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