More About #EmbraceYourAND

by Naomi Watkins Many LDS young women (living in Utah) “cannot envision a life of integration…or cannot imagine being simultaneously married, having children, and continuing college…Some believe that women need to ‘give up’ or ‘sacrifice’ college for their husbands/families.” [1] The #EmbraceYourAND campaign that we launched last week is a way to eliminate this prevalent either/or […]

It’s What You Bring To It

by Anna Bergevin Have you seen this quote circulating the Internet? I testify that it is the truth. Comparison is the thief of joy. —Theodore Roosevelt I believe this, yet I find it really hard not to compare. I want to know what’s going on in my friends’, family, and neighbors’ lives, but hearing about […]

Finding Validation from God and Not Social Media

Image from The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss by Bryn Watkins I have to start by saying that I love Facebook, and Instagram, and in fact the act of “liking” others’ lives has become somewhat of a hobby of mine.  Social media, however, and all those little thumbs-up or hearts or +1s that come attached, has built […]

Using LinkedIn as a Research and Networking Tool

by Melanie Steimle On Monday, we provided some recommendations on how to create a great LinkedIn profile. Today we’ll focus on how you can use LinkedIn for research and networking. You may be in a field where it’s common to get calls and emails from recruiters who have seen your LinkedIn profile and want to […]

Creating a Great LinkedIn Profile

by Melanie Steimle LinkedIn. You’ve most likely heard of it, but how do you actually use it? This week, we’ll be publishing a two-part series on how to use LinkedIn effectively. Today we’ll start with the basics: creating a great profile. (If you’re entirely new to LinkedIn, watch this brief introduction video.) Definitely include a […]

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