A Good News Minute: The CES Policy Change

by Naomi Watkins News broke on Friday regarding a Church Educational System (CES) policy change that now allows LDS women with children at home to work for pay as full-time seminary and institute teachers*. To clarify, women with children have been and are currently seminary teachers working in volunteer roles. Growing up in Southern California, […]

Someone Like Me

by Nan Petersen My senior year in high school I took Advanced Placement English, a challenging literature class with the goal of preparing class members to take a test for which a passing grade earned college credit. I already loved the subject matter, but the class itself was delightful primarily because of our wonderful teacher, […]

Book Review: I am Malala

Image credit: Antonio Olmos One of the goals of Aspiring Mormon Women is to encourage women of all ages and walks of life to pursue formal and informal education opportunities. The idea of an AMW book club has been tossed around with book titles selected to generate discussions that support the AMW mission of supporting […]

Growing, Stirring, Being

Image credit: inoneear by Hadley Duncan Howard As if in a time-lapse video, my children have grown before my eyes. I remember them as pudgy babies, with round feet like potatoes with toes. As they’ve grown, more than anything about them, I know that they are doers. Valuable to them is the opportunity to do […]

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