On Faith & Family

by Emily Martineau If I attempted to describe my family experience and roles over the last decade I end up swimming in alphabet soup: WAHM, SAHM, working mom. I’ve tried them all. I worked full time until my first child was a year old. Since then, I have worked part-time from home, part-time out of […]

Advice for Starting My First Professional Job

by Bryn Watkins Dear Three Years Ago Me, So if I did the math right, you should be opening this letter on the day before you head into work for the first time ever. Did the USPS get it right? Tomorrow is your first day of professional life! Congratulations. I’m not sure this makes me […]

YW Activity Plan: Preparing for a Successful Job Interview

Prepared by Laura Durham PURPOSE: Convincing someone that you’re the right person for a job is essential to success. Interview skills are important not just for job applications, but for any situation where young women need to effectively represent themselves. OBJECTIVES: To prepare young women for real life interviews by practicing needed skills. To inform […]

Career Day: Architect

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? My name is Natalie Whitney and I’m from West Point, Utah. For the past five years I have lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with my husband and two children. We love running, biking, and our newest hobby and attempt at embracing Canadian winters—skiing. I have […]

General Conference: Decision Making

by Dianne Orcutt I enjoyed the reminder this General Conference not only of the wisdom of heeding inspired counsel from our Church leaders, but especially the importance of seeking out personal revelation for our individual lives. Elder Carlos A. Godoy spoke (in Portuguese!) about achieving our potential. His counsel resonated with me and, I believe, […]

I am Nothing if Not Flexible

by Nan In the spring I wrote about finding out my temporary teaching contract was going to be terminated and my hope that my administration would find a way to keep me on in light of my positive performance reviews and broad skill set. My principal found me after school one day in mid-May to […]

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