To Think or Not to Think (for Myself)

by Anna Packard Like most young women my age, I started my freshman year of college full of ideas about selecting the perfect major and perfect life plan that I thought would fit with my personality and life goals. Of course I also wanted to ingratiate myself to my then-boyfriend and appear marriageable. Our relationship […]

Men who nurture, women who provide: The New Era and How To #EmbraceYourAND

by Dianne Orcutt This month’s New Era magazine features a great article entitled Your Future: Awesome by Design, with the tag “Want a great career, family, and testimony? You can choose the path to success today!” Like the recent Friend article “Savannah the Engineer,” discussed at By Common Consent, this article cuts against traditional gender […]

Understanding the Possible

by Dianne Orcutt (photo by Brittany Rose Bowen) A few months ago I became a mother. Motherhood has been an exhausting whirlwind, but it has also been a period of the purest and most profound happiness I have ever felt. When I was pregnant I felt a whole range of emotions as I contemplated the […]

Yes, You Are Worthy of Options

by Bryn Watkins In my circle of friends–actually my whole generation for these next few years–the future casts a constant, brooding force over any conversation. I feel it breathing on me when I try to sleep at night, peeking through the window at me when I’m loafing with a box of cookies. What are you […]

Reclaiming My Divine Nature

by Jessica Weiss It was an unexpectedly quiet and solitary moment during which I encountered Hadley’s “Diaspora: A Prayer.” (If you have not yet read her achingly beautiful essay, do yourself a favor and hop on over and spend a few minutes there. I’ll wait.) Sandwiched between 14-hour workdays, planning a baby shower for a […]

Diaspora: A Prayer

by Hadley Duncan Howard I weep in the shower after our conversation. I weep and pray and do all I can to not lean into the helplessness that is, at times, motherhood. She says she’s tempted not to raise her hand in class. She says it’s because she feels small there. She says sometimes she’s […]

Catching the Vision of Our Potential

by Dianne Orcutt This year I have been blessed to have gained both a nephew and a niece. As I hold these sweet babies, it is hard to look at them and not wonder what their futures will look like, what experiences and interests they will have, what kind of people they will grow up […]

General Conference: Decision Making

by Dianne Orcutt I enjoyed the reminder this General Conference not only of the wisdom of heeding inspired counsel from our Church leaders, but especially the importance of seeking out personal revelation for our individual lives. Elder Carlos A. Godoy spoke (in Portuguese!) about achieving our potential. His counsel resonated with me and, I believe, […]

The Comfort of Trees

Image credit: Jon Sullivan by Bryn Watkins For work, I sometimes find myself spending hours and hours in a Greyhound, watching the beautiful countryside fly past in an endless reel of blues on greens.  The country in which I live (New Zealand) is awash with casual spectacles that bloom outside that bus’s windows while I […]

‘Girls Who Choose God’: A Reflection & Author Interview

by Naomi Watkins “Books are sometimes windows, offering views of worlds that may be real or imagined, familiar or strange. These windows are also sliding glass doors, and readers have only to walk through in imagination to become part of whatever world has been created or recreated by the author. When lighting conditions are just […]

The Luckiest

by Jessica Weiss For the last several years I have volunteered with a local concert series. I love it – the concerts are great, the people are great, and I really enjoy the work I do there. I was looking forward to one particular concert this year, more than any of the others. I am […]

A Conversation with My Daughter about a Girl and Her Golden Eagle

by Ryan Hammond You may have seen this story and its accompanying pictures about the 13-year-old girl who hunts with a golden eagle, an activity traditionally done by men in Mongolia.  I showed the pictures to my 9-year-old daughter and had the following conversation: Me: Esme, what do you think of the pictures of the […]

On This Good Friday

We’re sure that most people have seen the excellent videos, #BecauseOfHim and #StartingToday, by now, but we wanted to share our thoughts and feelings as we watched and invite you to do the same. Celeste:  My faith is something I fight for almost daily. I am not among those who can say, “I’ve always known […]

Seeking Poetry Submissions

April is National Poetry Month. As Mormons, we come from a legacy of great poets who have penned many of our favorite hymns and verses. Check out this list of 75 Significant Mormon Poets: to revisit favorites and make some new discoveries. And to celebrate poetry this month, we are inviting the poets amongst us to […]

Embracing Sisterhood

by Bryn Watkins Every month, when I sit down to write one of these I’m struck with the same increasingly-clear realization that I don’t actually have anything to contribute to this organization–I mean, last month I wrote about how happy chocolate makes me.  I’m nineteen and, as you might imagine, lack any of the valid […]

Carving Out a Place for Dreams

by Jessica Duckett Finnigan When I was engaged, I once joked that I wanted to have four daughters. As luck would have it, I beat the odds, and my husband and I do indeed have four daughters who are currently 11, 10, 8, and 6 years old. We’ve found that having four girls and no boys does have […]

(And So Do I)

A row of Harrods employees, each wearing the uniform of a different women’s service during World War II. by Hadley Duncan Howard Here we go again. We come home from church, and try to undo the damage done when some very sincere speaker has again furthered the idea that women’s work is only valuable – […]

Infinite in Possibility (and the Divine)

Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski by Bryn Watkins I feel privileged, as a young’un, to continue to enjoy nights of unencumbered romping around with friends and independent capering about on my own into the wee hours of the morning even as I make the ungainly transition to real-life adulthood.  I encounter moments of too-cramped, sweaty back […]

How Eating Disorders Got in the Way of My Aspirations

Image credit: Gareth Holmes by Kris Tina Carlston I have always had a complicated relationship with food–times when it has been my friend and times when I have seen it as my enemy.  It’s been this way for so long that at this point in my life I don’t know what my relationship is. I’ve […]

Didn’t See It Coming

Image credit: Theophilos by Hadley Duncan Howard Many years ago, armed with a degree in family studies and an intellectual desire to become a marriage and family therapist, I embarked on what has become a long and successful career in… public relations. It seems like a departure from the linear but, as with everything the […]

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