Social Entrepreneur Feature: Jen Porter Anderson, The Reset Foundation

Welcome to our first in a series of short interviews featuring LDS women entrepreneurs. Know a LDS woman entrepreneur who you’d like highlighted (or nominate yourself)? Email us at aspiringmormonwomen @ gmail. com As a teen, Jen Porter Anderson had a pretty clear sense of what she was good at doing and what she cared most […]

Career Day: Principal

by Dr. Susan Brady (Harkness) I grew up on Indian reservations, went to Catholic schools, and attended the first high school closed with racial riots in California (I jokingly say that it was half-Black, half-Hispanic, and me). I grew up feeling that it was odd to NOT be Native American, Catholic, Black, or Hispanic. Consequently, […]

Unconventional, Yet Inspired

by Aimée Bouka Growing up as an LDS member in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, I realized early on that I was an odd duck. My parents, who are originally from Togo in West Africa, joined the Church before I was born, but my father stopped attending when I was a child. Being fourth out a […]

Trust the Lord’s Plan

by Rebecca Lucero I always remember my mom telling us that all she ever wanted was to be a mom. My mom is a great mom. She’s an amazing seamstress and cook. She can clean anything. Clothes never wear out when she does the laundry. She always attended all our sports games and ran us […]

Career Day: Television News Producer

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? What drew you to the profession? My name is Candice Madsen and I’m a senior producer of special projects for KSL TV in Salt Lake. I originally planned on becoming a teacher or going to law school. It had never occurred to become a journalist […]

Interview with Al Carraway, Author of ‘More Than the Tattooed Mormon’

with Naomi Watkins While reading Al Carraway’s book, More Than the Tattooed Mormon, I concluded that Al epitomizes the cheerleader, friend, and support that we all desire in our lives, especially as we strive to be better and greater. Al’s book provides her story of meeting the missionaries, getting baptized, the sacrifices and change and heartbreak (yet great love) […]

How to Thrive as a Working Mormon Mom

by Alison Herzog I went through phases growing up – one being a period where I believed I would be a doctor or a lawyer with a husband who stayed home with the kids – and the rest, believing I would be a stay-at-home mother, just like my mom. When the time came for my […]

Individually Adapting for our Family’s Circumstances

by Joanna Hadlock I never considered myself a conventional Mormon. I always figured I’d be married with kids one day and have the stay-at-home mom life, but I guess I never really thought about the details until it was time to make the decision. After the birth of our first child, a situation presented itself […]

Selecting a Graduate School

Julie Rowse After teaching high school for six years, I was restless. Still single, I was irritated with myself that I had chosen teaching because I thought it would be easy to leave once I found a spouse. I wanted something different, with more clout. I had written a curriculum for a media literacy class, […]

Career Day: Project Management

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. Hi! I’m Lauren, currently living in Salt Lake City and working for American Express. I’ve bounced around the country a bit, growing up in Oklahoma, followed by college in Washington DC, then a few years in both Phoenix and Los Angeles, before settling into Utah […]

Choosing to Attend a Church University/College

College application season is here for many (young) women, and so over the next several weeks we will be featuring LDS women’s experiences of selecting a college/university. If you’d like to share your story, contact us.  Courtney Dana I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and while in high school had big dreams to attend USC or Duke […]

#embraceyourAND: Let Her Ask of God

by Jennifer Rasmussen From a young age I had a desire to become a doctor. Upon hearing my plans, teachers and parents would say “Well, we will see what you decide once you are married.” While attending a state university, I met my husband in my junior year. We got married with the understanding that […]

Prepare to be Surprised

by Candace Child Like many other twenty-somethings, I too am trying to figure out the path of my life. I’ve spent my whole life thus far writing, erasing, and re-writing my plans for myself. When I was young, I wanted to be an actress. Since that time, I think I’ve changed my mind about 3,587 […]

Career Day: Editor

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? My name is Stacy Whitman, and I’m the publisher of Tu Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books. I grew up on a farm in Illinois, and now live in New York City, where I acquire, edit, and publish diverse middle grade and young […]

Career Day: Marine Corps Officer and Pilot

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Janine K. Spendlove and I’m originally from St. George, Utah, but ever since graduating from BYU in 1999 with my BA in history teaching I’ve lived wherever the US Marine Corps has sent me and my family. Currently I’m deployed, and my […]

Making Mom’s Career Part of the Conversation

by Nan Petersen Near the end of my teaching year in May, I received a text from my husband indicating that a job had opened in a city where we have, in the past, considered moving. The job listing was closing that afternoon, and he was thinking of applying. After this bombshell announcement, he asked, […]

Throw Away the Life Script & Turn to Him

by Naomi Watkins “When I was young I thought the noblest thing in this life was to be a mother—I have since learned that the best mission in life is the one the Lord has prepared for me.” –President Ardeth G. Kapp* Like President Kapp, the most vital piece of advice that I can give […]

Understanding the Possible

by Dianne Orcutt (photo by Brittany Rose Bowen) A few months ago I became a mother. Motherhood has been an exhausting whirlwind, but it has also been a period of the purest and most profound happiness I have ever felt. When I was pregnant I felt a whole range of emotions as I contemplated the […]

Healing Aspirational Shame

 by Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW I grew up in contradictory worlds. I was born and raised in Studio City, California in the heart of the entertainment business. Our neighbor was a makeup artist for movies like “Top Gun.” My extended family had a TV show, and my father, a professional musician, was the musical […]

During the Dark Times

by Naomi Watkins Since sharing that I resigned from my job and took a leap of faith into a still unknown future, I’ve had many people tell me that I am brave and strong. And ok, thank you. But if I am completely honest, looking back, taking that initial leap was the easy part in this […]

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