Work, the Family Banner, and Me

by Rachel Olson Armstrong Charity. Frugality. Industry. Mom stitched our motto onto the forest green family banner, which hung above the couch in the family room all the years I was growing up. Industry—work—is so important to my parents that it’s one of the three words they used to capture the goals of our family. […]

The Value of My Mother’s Education

by Candace Child I grew up in a house full of music. I learned to fall asleep to the sound of my mother practicing the clarinet long after we had gone to bed. She earned her master’s degree in clarinet performance and also plays the piano. Her career was intertwined in our daily lives. I […]

What I Was Looking For

by Anna Bergevin When I was in elementary school I told the recess aide at the playground that I wanted to be Madeleine Albright when I grew up. President Clinton’s Secretary of State spoke several languages and was fighting hard for peace in the Middle East and I thought she was amazing. I have no […]

Returning to School with Young Children: You Can Do This (if you want to)

by Anna Bergevin I finished my undergraduate work before I was married and had children. It was a wonderful experience – hard work, but simpler than my graduate work in that I was not trying to balance the demands of school with the needs of a spouse and child. I thought, like many of my […]

Podcast #3: Returning to School After a Hiatus

Naomi speaks to Gay Lynn Smith and Gloria Johnson, both women who pursued and completed degrees after some time away from the classroom. They share their experiences, stories, motivations, and advice about overcoming the fears and challenges of returning to school and graduating later in their lives. Dr. Gay Lynn P. Smith, serves as the […]

I am My Own Plan A

by Hadley Duncan Howard My mother is a feminist. She’s a mid-century, never-employed, stay-at-home… feminist. Her own mother had a career, but Mom stayed at home because she chose to, because that interested her, because she felt called to be there. She always taught me that I could do anything I wanted to do, including […]

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