Parallel Lives, Fortunate Friends

  Andrea (right) and Jenni (left) met as freshman roommates in Helaman Halls at BYU. They became fast friends, were roommates for three years at BYU, and since then have stayed in touch through similar life experiences. They discuss how having a friend with a similar life path has provided support in their respective journeys. […]

Stories and Advice for Sister Missionaries: An Interview with the Authors of Do Not Attempt in Heels

Elise Babbel Hall (L) and Jennifer Rockwood Knight (R). by Naomi Watkins We can all relate to sitting in Sunday school classes or attending dinner parties where individuals begin stories with “When I was on my mission…” or who proclaim that their missions were the best two years of their lives.  I admit that as […]


by Nan I spent nearly half of my mission service training new missionaries. This allowed time for a lot of extra study. I enjoyed this extra study so much that I convinced a couple of my more willing companions to get up early with me even when we weren’t training. Missionaries are fond of bearing […]

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