Embracing Sisterhood

by Bryn Watkins Every month, when I sit down to write one of these I’m struck with the same increasingly-clear realization that I don’t actually have anything to contribute to this organization–I mean, last month I wrote about how happy chocolate makes me.  I’m nineteen and, as you might imagine, lack any of the valid […]

How to Be an Effective Mentee

by Melanie Steimle Last month we talked about how to be an effective mentor. This month let’s look at the other side: how to be an effective mentee. Whether your mentoring relationship is a formal, structured one with an assigned mentor and regular meeting times or an informal conversation with a friend every once in a […]

Introducing Our ‘Mentor Leaders’ Feature

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new mentoring feature here at AMW. Meet our “Mentor Leaders,” women who come from a variety of personal, educational, and career backgrounds and have created profiles to share their stories, offer advice, and provide support. If you feel that you could benefit from additional information from one of […]

How to Be an Effective Mentor

by Melanie Steimle Happy National Mentoring Month! A previous post has focused on why and how to find a mentor, so today we’re going to look at the other side of the equation: how to be a mentor. You may not think this applies to you, but I’m going to venture to say that you’re […]

Securing the Benefits of a Mentor as a Student

Image credit: SMB College by Christanne Harrison In this month’s edition of “Mentoring Monday,” we share some advice about mentors for students or those considering going back to school. However, as I interviewed two great mentors, I found that much of their advice is great and applicable for just about everyone. The two women interviewed […]

Decisions, Decisions

Image credit: Gagan Moorthy by Melanie Steimle When I returned home from my mission, I was extremely excited to go back to my previous job as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Humanities at BYU. Then the Spirit whispered to me, “Apply to teach at the MTC.” I know that for many BYU students […]

The Power of Mentors

Image credit: Valerie Everett by Tiffany Gee Lewis I was talking to a woman the other day about her work. She mentioned she was laid off from a job after 14 years. “But it didn’t take me long to get a new job,” she said. “That’s why you keep your contacts open. LinkedIn saved me.” […]

Voices from the Past: Martha Hughes Cannon: A Case for Mentoring

Martha Hughes Cannon with her daughter Mattie, 1899. Photo courtesy of Utah State Historical Society. by Celeste Tholen Rosenlof I was walking to my work at ksl.com one day when I stopped and looked at a granite boulder atop a slab of concrete. I had walked by this spot countless times on my commute to […]

No Longer On The Outside Looking In: Opening the Door to Our Sisters

by Ryan Hammond Recently Naomi wrote about the importance to women of having other women as mentors and peers when pursuing their education and careers.  Today I would like to begin to discuss the role LDS men can play as mentors and peers to our LDS sisters.  While we obviously do not share a gender, […]

Mirrors and Windows: The Importance of Mentoring and Networking for LDS Women

Hall of Mirrors at Palace of Versailles, France. Image credit: Patrick Down by Naomi Watkins “A single book can be a mirror for some readers and a window for others.” –Rudine Sims Bishop [1] When I taught a university-level course about global children’s literature, I shared the above quote on the first night of class to […]

Podcast #4: Mentoring: An Investment Worth Making

Image Credit: Raul Lieberwirth As we begin our launch of the mentoring and networking portions of Aspiring Mormon Women, Christanne, one of our Mentoring and Networking Coordinators, talks with Whitney Johnson and Lisa Chapman Gregory, about mentoring–the purpose and need for mentoring, how to be a mentor, and how to find a mentor. DOWNLOAD THE […]

Growing, Stirring, Being

Image credit: inoneear by Hadley Duncan Howard As if in a time-lapse video, my children have grown before my eyes. I remember them as pudgy babies, with round feet like potatoes with toes. As they’ve grown, more than anything about them, I know that they are doers. Valuable to them is the opportunity to do […]

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