The Student Record: Laura, Masters of Leadership

Name: Laura Radtke School/University:  University of Guelph City/Location:  Guelph, Ontario, Canada Major/Field of Study: Master of Leadership, College of Management and Economics Marital status/children?:  Married with two children What led you to the program that you are currently pursuing or have completed? Why did you select this major or field of study? Please tell us about […]

The Value of My Mother’s Education

by Candace Child I grew up in a house full of music. I learned to fall asleep to the sound of my mother practicing the clarinet long after we had gone to bed. She earned her master’s degree in clarinet performance and also plays the piano. Her career was intertwined in our daily lives. I […]

What I Was Looking For

by Anna Bergevin When I was in elementary school I told the recess aide at the playground that I wanted to be Madeleine Albright when I grew up. President Clinton’s Secretary of State spoke several languages and was fighting hard for peace in the Middle East and I thought she was amazing. I have no […]

Stuck Like Glue

by Nan Some conversations stick with you. And not in the delightful way that great food sticks to your ribs. More like superglue that irritates your skin and is impossible to remove. Five years ago I was struggling with all the things a young mother wrestles with. The demands of my three young sons seemed […]

Career Day: Speech-Language Pathology

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Andrea Weaver.  I’m 33 years old and I work as a speech-language pathologist (aka SLP).  Speech-language pathologists work in a variety of settings to assess, diagnose, and treat disorders related to speech, language, cognition, and swallowing. I’ve been working in this field […]

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