On Faith & Family

by Emily Martineau If I attempted to describe my family experience and roles over the last decade I end up swimming in alphabet soup: WAHM, SAHM, working mom. I’ve tried them all. I worked full time until my first child was a year old. Since then, I have worked part-time from home, part-time out of […]

Don’t Call it a Plan B

by Katie Clifford I love online forums. As a writer, I prefer discussions that I can read at my leisure and respond to in what I feel is my best medium for communication. I have belonged to a number of them over the years and have enjoyed having a place to talk deeply about subjects […]

Yes, They Do–Mormon Men Marry (Aspiring) Doctors

by Naomi Watkins “Do Mormon boys marry women who want to become doctors?” –A search engine question that brought someone to AMW. I’m guessing that a young LDS woman with medical school aspirations typed this earnest question, looking for affirmation. And I really hope that her Internet search proved that YES! Yes, they do. But in case […]

Marriage is Not the Only Reason

by Naomi Watkins A week after I submitted my mission papers, I somewhat reluctantly pulled them back despite an earnest desire to serve.  The reasons for this change-of-plans were complicated but could be quickly summed up in one statement: God said no. My then 20-year-old self had never really received a “no” answer to a […]

Carving Out a Place for Dreams

by Jessica Duckett Finnigan When I was engaged, I once joked that I wanted to have four daughters. As luck would have it, I beat the odds, and my husband and I do indeed have four daughters who are currently 11, 10, 8, and 6 years old. We’ve found that having four girls and no boys does have […]

All the Single Ladies

by Naomi Watkins Like many, I enjoyed the depiction of sister missionaries and the discussion about expanding roles for Mormon women written about in the recent New York Times article—that is until I scrolled to the graphic entitled “The Disappearing Mormon Bachelor.” This interactive graphic shows rather dismal statistics regarding the ratio of unmarried Mormon […]

A Career: God’s Surprising Plan for Me

Image credit: aekpalakom by Aleesa Sutton The life I am living is one I never imagined for myself as a young woman. Like plenty of other teenage Mormon girls, I imagined that by my mid-30s I would be married and have a brood of children I was happily raising at home. Instead, at 33, I […]

From the Archives: Marie Hafen’s “Celebrating Womanhood”

Image credit: Kara Harms by Naomi Watkins While searching lds.org for articles on women and education, I found Marie Hafen’s devotional address at the then Rick’s College Women’s Week entitled “Celebrating Womanhood” given in March 1990. Given the devotional’s title, I admit that I had a few reservations prior to reading. But rather than finding […]

Habits Lead to Achievements

Image courtesy of Montana State University Library by Nan I loved my mission. I returned happy and exhausted with absurd ideas about the blessings to which I thought I was entitled for my service. I quickly became engaged to the boy who waited (faithfully or not so much; I didn’t dare ask too many questions), […]

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