Five Things I Want LDS Men to Know

by Melanie Steimle At the end of last year I wrote a post entitled Three Things I Wish I Could Say to Every LDS Young Woman. The audience I had in mind when I wrote that post was young women who did not yet have children and/or were not married. I hoped to encourage them […]

Trying Imperfectly

by Steve Petersen Despite some trepidation, I went to the Aspiring Mormon Women event at which Ruth Todd spoke; it was wonderful. If you think that I was the only guy there, you’re correct. As someone whose vision for the Church seems more expansive than contemporary Mormon Culture (note that I’m not saying Church), I’m […]

Podcast #10: Do LDS Men Unintentionally Discriminate?: A Response

In this podcast Naomi, Ryan, and Julianne respond to a blog post on Modern Mormon Men that posed the question: “Are Mormon Men Unintentionally Discriminating at Work?” Our answer? Well, listen and find out. Link to the study that Ryan references in the podcast.

Take the Daughters to Work

by Hadley Duncan Howard In my pre-teen years, my Grandpa developed a habit of taking me to work with him. I spent many a Saturday with him in his seventh-floor office, straightening reams of paper and drinking Coca-Cola. He needed my help, he said, putting labels on envelopes or organizing office supplies or alphabetizing something. […]

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