Why LDS Women Need to Stop Saying Bad Words

by Candace Child On Sunday, I was at a mission homecoming for a friend and found myself talking to a Young Women’s leader from high school about what I was up to these days. I responded, “Oh, I’m just working.” And then I said to myself, Candace, stop saying that word. The word “just” is […]

Yes, You Are Worthy of Options

by Bryn Watkins In my circle of friends–actually my whole generation for these next few years–the future casts a constant, brooding force over any conversation. I feel it breathing on me when I try to sleep at night, peeking through the window at me when I’m loafing with a box of cookies. What are you […]

Personal Revelation & Identity

by Bryn Watkins Recently, I found myself bopping around Indonesia after my work schedule plopped three free weeks in my lap to do with as I pleased.  One of the benefits I derive from traveling comes as a result of a mantra I’ve adopted from that classic Yes song: If I refuse to surround myself […]

Daring, Not Shaming, Greatly

by Naomi Watkins I recently finished reading Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. I first became familiar with Brown’s work when I watched her TED Talk about vulnerability and found it insightful. And her book? It was gut-wrenching, like I’m on […]

The Comfort of Trees

Image credit: Jon Sullivan by Bryn Watkins For work, I sometimes find myself spending hours and hours in a Greyhound, watching the beautiful countryside fly past in an endless reel of blues on greens.  The country in which I live (New Zealand) is awash with casual spectacles that bloom outside that bus’s windows while I […]

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