Letting Go of Guilt When Returning to Work After Baby

by Sarah Gusky Kemer In 2012, my husband and I welcomed twins into our little world. All throughout my relatively uneventful pregnancy, my boss and coworkers supported me 100%. When I had to stop commuting into the city (after moving further away so we could have more space for twins!), they changed my schedule and […]

In The Service of Your Fellow Beings: Letting the Guilt Go

Image credit: Wonderlane by Tiffany Gee Lewis Each year, about this time, I find myself in a dilemma, which is this: I’m completely overbooked. As much as I’ve tried to lay low, I find myself writing a ward Christmas program, helping with a major Relief Society holiday dinner, assisting the Cub Scouts, assisting with PTA […]

Stuck Like Glue

by Nan Some conversations stick with you. And not in the delightful way that great food sticks to your ribs. More like superglue that irritates your skin and is impossible to remove. Five years ago I was struggling with all the things a young mother wrestles with. The demands of my three young sons seemed […]

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