True Grit

by Nan Petersen I recently viewed a brief TED talk by Dr. Angela Duckworth, a former educator who turned to educational research after noting with wonderment that despite similar backgrounds, her students had widely different achievement rates. She wanted to know what made the difference. After years of study, she has determined that the fundamental difference […]


Image credit: Dave Stokes by Hadley Duncan Howard While all of civilization rang in Y2k wondering what global calamities and end-of-days stories the new year would thrust upon us, I faced 2000 with far more prosaic concerns: I wondered how I’d pay the rent. Just a few days before Christmas, my colleagues and I were […]

Seeking Poetry Submissions

April is National Poetry Month. As Mormons, we come from a legacy of great poets who have penned many of our favorite hymns and verses. Check out this list of 75 Significant Mormon Poets: to revisit favorites and make some new discoveries. And to celebrate poetry this month, we are inviting the poets amongst us to […]

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