The Friend Magazine’s ‘When I Grow Up’ Feature

In January of this year, The Friend magazine launched a feature entitled “When I Grow Up” that appears every other month in the Church’s publication targeted to primary-age children. This short feature asks questions of people about their jobs in a similar manner to our “Career Day” interviews. January’s issue featured Sheryl Garner, a teacher. March’s […]

What Drives You?

by Nan When I was a young teenager, my mother told me that she thought my eyebrows were my best feature. I wasn’t very old, but even I knew that the poets were never going to write odes to a woman’s eyebrows. Still, in the years since I have made observation of others’ eyebrows and […]

Career Day: Financial Coach

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job.  Hello!  My name is Kelli Sauvé and I’m a financial coach.  I was raised in Utah but my adventures have taken me to a few different places since then.  I’ve lived in California, Oregon, and Virginia and now I’m enjoying a new adventure here in […]

Embracing Sisterhood

by Bryn Watkins Every month, when I sit down to write one of these I’m struck with the same increasingly-clear realization that I don’t actually have anything to contribute to this organization–I mean, last month I wrote about how happy chocolate makes me.  I’m nineteen and, as you might imagine, lack any of the valid […]

A Career: God’s Surprising Plan for Me

Image credit: aekpalakom by Aleesa Sutton The life I am living is one I never imagined for myself as a young woman. Like plenty of other teenage Mormon girls, I imagined that by my mid-30s I would be married and have a brood of children I was happily raising at home. Instead, at 33, I […]

Fighting Resistance: The Great Battle of 2014

Image credit: Jakob Van Santen by Tiffany Gee Lewis Over Christmas I read a book my little sister had been pushing on me for ages. It’s called The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by novelist Steven Pressfield. The book was somewhat of a revelation. Pressfield confronts what […]

Who Inspires You?: Hopes for 2014

Image credit: Justin Kern by Nan Recently at church, a sister learned forward from her pew to mine and whispered about her exhaustion because she was approaching finals the next day. I commiserated for a moment and then she said something that totally surprised me. She mentioned being inspired by me for having finished my […]

Run, Girl, Run

Image credit: Automania by Hadley Duncan Howard Longer than I’ve known him, my husband has harbored a goal of running a marathon before his fiftieth birthday. He’s a gentle soul, an academic and an arts-lover – not someone for whom Herculean athletic feats would normally be an attractive pastime. Although he does possess an innate […]

Tips for Staying Professionally Relevant While At Home

Image credit: sean dreilinger by Shannon Ellis After finishing my degree in physical education, I spent a year teaching high school. And then, even though I had never planned on becoming a college coach, I was a graduate assistant volleyball coach for the two years I pursued a master’s degree. Later, I was hired as […]

Career Day: Labor and Delivery Nurse

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Erin Flint. I’m in my mid-thirties living the dream in Davis County. I’m married to my wonderful high school sweetheart, and we have three beautiful children that we adore and keep us very busy. I also am lucky to be able to […]

Education Everywhere

Image credit: DonkeyHotey by Melanie Steimle I love school. Studying for my undergraduate and graduate degrees, while challenging, filled me with joy. Yet the time spent learning about myself through full-time work, learning about relationships at home, and learning about God at home, church, and through trials has been just as educational as my classroom […]

Goal Getting: What Will You Do in the Next Four Months?

Image credit: Jean-Louis Zimmerman by Naomi Watkins I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions, but there must be something about aisles of shiny, new school supplies in Target or all of those back-to-school photos on Facebook and Instagram or the fact that I return from a summer to revise syllabi and meet new students […]

Torn: Managing Expectations and Goals

Image credit: Christi by Bryn Watkins So, I’m torn. Just last week I was in Sacrament Meeting listening to the speaker laud an eleven-year-old girl who had outlined her life, in its entirety, all the way down to spoiling the grandkids with warm chocolate-chip cookies every chilly Sunday night. Everything in between matched up as […]

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