The Friend Magazine’s ‘When I Grow Up’ Feature

In January of this year, The Friend magazine launched a feature entitled “When I Grow Up” that appears every other month in the Church’s publication targeted to primary-age children. This short feature asks questions of people about their jobs in a similar manner to our “Career Day” interviews. January’s issue featured Sheryl Garner, a teacher. March’s […]

(And So Do I)

A row of Harrods employees, each wearing the uniform of a different women’s service during World War II. by Hadley Duncan Howard Here we go again. We come home from church, and try to undo the damage done when some very sincere speaker has again furthered the idea that women’s work is only valuable – […]

Love in the Time of Strep: Sharing Household Tasks

by Nan Within a few months of marriage, I began working full time as a teacher while my husband was in school. It was my first time at a middle school and I was creating most of my curriculum from scratch. I worked many hours and came home very late each afternoon exhausted and overwhelmed. […]

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