Organizing Your Finances after Graduation: Making the Transition from College to Career

by Kelli Sauvé In a previous post, I shared tips about how to clear your financial path to college, using my own experiences as an example. Even though it took me a while, I became a college graduate at age thirty! But then, I needed to decide on my next steps. There are many factors […]

Clearing Your Financial Path to College

by Kelli Sauvé My path to continuing my education became clear while I was vacationing in New York City.  I was visiting my cousin and it just so happened that the singles group had a camping trip planned during my stay and so I joined them. While sitting around a warm fire in a beautiful outdoor setting, […]

Financial First Steps:  Where to Start as a Newly Single Mormon Mom

Image credit: Munah Ahmed by Kelli Sauvé As a newly single Mormon mom you are probably experiencing a lot of changes and have a lot going on with family, church and school schedules.  If you’re lucky, there might be a little time just for you. You are continually learning that things come up (more often […]

Mission Possible: Financial Preparation for Sisters

Image credit: Kristen Klein by Kelli Sauvé With the fairly recent announcement lowering the missionary age to 19 for sisters, there has been a sharp increase in the number of young women signing up to serve missions.  This is wonderful and exciting!  If you are one of those young women considering serving a mission I […]

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