Mormon Feminism Book Editors Reflect on #EmbraceYourAND

The editors of Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings, Joanna Brooks, Rachel Hunt Steenblik, and Hannah Wheelright, join us at AMW today to discuss their educational and professional journeys and how they embraced their ANDS, particularly while working on this book. Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings is a “groundbreaking collection [that] gathers together for the first time the essential writings of […]

Answers to Prayers, Academic Future, and Unapologetic Joy

by Natalie May Tolley It was the summer before my senior year of high school. I was starting the process of selecting which schools to apply to for college. Being from Utah, I put BYU and the University of Utah on my list, but the remainder consisted of out-of-state, non-Church schools. To me, it was natural […]

Voices from the Past: The Seasons & Changes of Life

by Brooke Edwards I’ve been thinking a lot about seasons lately. Fall has come with its changes in temperature, color, and daylight. My life has also seen a change in season. I recently transitioned from having one child and a full-time job to having two children and being home full time. Early Latter-day Saint women […]

Author Interview: Baptism & Boomerangs

Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Sherrie L. M. Gavin. I grew up in the USA, but I have lived in Australia for most of my adult life. I love everything and almost anything that is “different”: Japanese curry, Nepalese clothing, Indian haberdashery, Canadian Poutine, New York Tomato Pie, Impressionist-style art, almost anything […]

#EmbraceyourAND: PhD Student AND Mother

by Emily Leslie I’m a PhD student in economics at the University of Iowa.  I found out the day before I started classes in 2011 that I was pregnant.  This was happy news for my husband and me.  We welcomed our first son a couple of weeks before the end of my first year.  Since […]

#embraceyourAND: Let Her Ask of God

by Jennifer Rasmussen From a young age I had a desire to become a doctor. Upon hearing my plans, teachers and parents would say “Well, we will see what you decide once you are married.” While attending a state university, I met my husband in my junior year. We got married with the understanding that […]

Girls Who Choose God: The Book of Mormon AND Women

by McArthur Krishna  My husband teases me that “and” is my favorite word.  And it just might be.  I see very few things in life as a binary — if you choose this, you CAN’T choose this. I think I was inspired by a horoscope I once read on my birthday that said I would be […]

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