Answers to Prayers, Academic Future, and Unapologetic Joy

by Natalie May Tolley It was the summer before my senior year of high school. I was starting the process of selecting which schools to apply to for college. Being from Utah, I put BYU and the University of Utah on my list, but the remainder consisted of out-of-state, non-Church schools. To me, it was natural […]

Voices from the Past: The Seasons & Changes of Life

by Brooke Edwards I’ve been thinking a lot about seasons lately. Fall has come with its changes in temperature, color, and daylight. My life has also seen a change in season. I recently transitioned from having one child and a full-time job to having two children and being home full time. Early Latter-day Saint women […]

Author Interview: Baptism & Boomerangs

Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Sherrie L. M. Gavin. I grew up in the USA, but I have lived in Australia for most of my adult life. I love everything and almost anything that is “different”: Japanese curry, Nepalese clothing, Indian haberdashery, Canadian Poutine, New York Tomato Pie, Impressionist-style art, almost anything […]

#EmbraceyourAND: PhD Student AND Mother

by Emily Leslie I’m a PhD student in economics at the University of Iowa.  I found out the day before I started classes in 2011 that I was pregnant.  This was happy news for my husband and me.  We welcomed our first son a couple of weeks before the end of my first year.  Since […]

#embraceyourAND: Let Her Ask of God

by Jennifer Rasmussen From a young age I had a desire to become a doctor. Upon hearing my plans, teachers and parents would say “Well, we will see what you decide once you are married.” While attending a state university, I met my husband in my junior year. We got married with the understanding that […]

Girls Who Choose God: The Book of Mormon AND Women

by McArthur Krishna  My husband teases me that “and” is my favorite word.  And it just might be.  I see very few things in life as a binary — if you choose this, you CAN’T choose this. I think I was inspired by a horoscope I once read on my birthday that said I would be […]

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