Making Yourself Indispensable

by Nan I got fired today. Now before you scroll straight down to the bottom of the page with all your sweet, sympathetic comments, I need to tell the whole story.  A year ago I was hired on a temporary contract in my school district. The teacher whom I replaced was on a simultaneous medical […]


by Nan I spent nearly half of my mission service training new missionaries. This allowed time for a lot of extra study. I enjoyed this extra study so much that I convinced a couple of my more willing companions to get up early with me even when we weren’t training. Missionaries are fond of bearing […]

Breaking the Skin Again

Image credit: Tiziano Cavigli by Bryn Watkins So as I may or may not have mentioned previously, I am a ballet dancer. And people who choose (though who knows why) to train in ballet often go by the rule that every one day you take off, you’ve lost three days of work. You’ll note that […]

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