Almost Cut My Hair

by Bryn Watkins It normally goes like this: “I’ve really been thinking I’m going to do it. I’m going to cut my hair. Like, maybe Britney-in-2007-style, but more likely Emma-in-2010.” “That’s brave.” “I know, can you imagine! Man. I think I’m going to do it.” “I’d love to do that. There’s just no way I […]

Marriage is Not the Only Reason

by Naomi Watkins A week after I submitted my mission papers, I somewhat reluctantly pulled them back despite an earnest desire to serve.  The reasons for this change-of-plans were complicated but could be quickly summed up in one statement: God said no. My then 20-year-old self had never really received a “no” answer to a […]

All the Single Ladies

by Naomi Watkins Like many, I enjoyed the depiction of sister missionaries and the discussion about expanding roles for Mormon women written about in the recent New York Times article—that is until I scrolled to the graphic entitled “The Disappearing Mormon Bachelor.” This interactive graphic shows rather dismal statistics regarding the ratio of unmarried Mormon […]

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