My AMW Story

By Dianne Orcutt One of the most satisfying and rewarding parts of my work with Aspiring Mormon Women is hearing from the women in our community. I love to hear about your successes, your journeys, and even your challenges (your challenges highlight your strength and determination, and often leave me in awe of you!). The […]

My Continuing Hope for AMW

by Naomi Watkins For many women, Aspiring Mormon Women is one of the few places where they feel comfortable discussing the intersection of LDS culture, church doctrine, and personal revelation in regards to their individual life missions and stewardships. Making sense of these messages (especially as these messages may compete) and how they play out […]

Who Are You?

by Nan Petersen I read an interesting blog post this past week from Storyline. In it, the author, Candice Turpin, tells about a friend of hers who always feels less than important when people talk about their interesting, creative and helpful work. Not that her friend doesn’t work, but more that her friend’s job doesn’t easily translate […]

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