Book Review: The Assertiveness Guide for Women

by Heidi Doxey   Going to therapy is a lot like getting a teeth cleaning: it’s really not that big of a deal, and you should probably make an appointment every six months whether you think you need it or not. Combine that with regular, daily maintenance and you can mostly avoid major breakdowns or […]

Book Review: Our Heavenly Family, Our Earthly Families

by Naomi Watkins We just wrapped up a General Conference where the speakers’ references and mentions of our Heavenly Parents was off the charts (i.e. Elders Uchtdorf, Ballard, and Rasband, and more). This more frequent acknowledgement that God consists of both a heavenly father and mother may not seem like much to some (well, yeah, duh, we Mormons […]

Interview with the Editors of Women & Mormonism

with Naomi Watkins Kate Holbrook and Matthew Bowman’s edited volume, Women and Mormonism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, offers essays about how Mormon women have experienced and expressed their agency within and beyond institutional church structures–a topic that is incredibly germane to the Aspiring Mormon Women community. As Dianne, Heidi, and I presented at the Sunstone Symposium […]

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