Twin Desires: Motherhood AND Career

by Melissa Goates Jones I grew up as the daughter and grand-daughter of aspiring Mormon women. My mother graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and took a job as a professor at a community college. She planned on working just long enough to afford to buy a washing machine. But much to her surprise, she […]

I’m a Getter AND a Giver: An Alternative Image + Activity

by Naomi Watkins A little over a month ago, I wrote a critique about an image that appeared with a short article in the New Era magazine depicting two young women, one as a getter and the other as a giver. My previous post outlines the problems with the image, so I won’t rehash them here. Instead, […]

Voices from the Past: Beauty vs. Brains

by Brooke Edwards Long before the Ensign magazine existed, members of the Relief Society could look forward to a publication called The Woman’s Exponent. It was published every two weeks from 1872 to 1914 and contained news items, doctrinal insights, poems, advertisements, and editorials. The archives are full of insights into the daily life and […]

Career Day: Physician Assistant

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Megan and I grew up in rural eastern Oregon. I live in Nampa, a suburb of Boise, Idaho. My husband and I met at Utah State University and were married while still undergrads. Together we obtained our Master’s degrees in Physician Assistant […]

Career Day: Hairdresser

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Christie Somers. I currently live in Salt Lake City. I grew up in Washington DC and graduated from high school there and promptly moved to Provo, Utah to go to beauty school. As soon as I was done with beauty school, I […]

Career Day: Librarian

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job. My name is Amy Sorensen. I’m a Utah County native—I grew up in Springville, Utah, and now I live ten miles north (in Orem). I have four kids: my daughter Haley is at her first year of college, and I’ve got my three boys, Jake, […]

Career Day: International Development

Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? I’m Jana Prins Kala, originally from Southern California. I now live in the distant suburbs of Washington, DC. I met my husband about a year after moving to DC. He’s from Virginia, and at the time we met, he worked with his father as a […]

A Precarious Balance

Image credit: Alyss by Tiffany Gee Lewis Last week, I had what one would call a well-balanced day: I climbed out of bed at 5:15 a.m. for a 6-mile run, coming home just in time to make my kids a hot breakfast and send them off to school with a home-packed lunch. I tidied the […]

Love in the Time of Strep: Sharing Household Tasks

by Nan Within a few months of marriage, I began working full time as a teacher while my husband was in school. It was my first time at a middle school and I was creating most of my curriculum from scratch. I worked many hours and came home very late each afternoon exhausted and overwhelmed. […]

More Tips on Working (outside the home) While Having a Young Family

Image credit: Doug Shall by Kris Tina Carlston Following up on last month’s post regarding working outside the home, I was thrilled with some of the comments and suggestions presented by several readers. Because I enjoyed the discussion so much, this month I wanted to provide a part II and discuss some of the ideas […]

Work and Motherhood–Not Incompatible!

by Kaylie Astin I have always believed that the work of mothers matters. When I heard leaders of the LDS faith talk about the value of mothers staying home, I believed that’s what I was supposed to do. After I had my first baby, I quit everything. I couldn’t imagine going to the grocery store, […]

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