Healing Aspirational Shame

 by Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW I grew up in contradictory worlds. I was born and raised in Studio City, California in the heart of the entertainment business. Our neighbor was a makeup artist for movies like “Top Gun.” My extended family had a TV show, and my father, a professional musician, was the musical […]

Yes, You Are Worthy of Options

by Bryn Watkins In my circle of friends–actually my whole generation for these next few years–the future casts a constant, brooding force over any conversation. I feel it breathing on me when I try to sleep at night, peeking through the window at me when I’m loafing with a box of cookies. What are you […]

By Way of Introduction

Image credit: János Csongor Kerekes by Allison G. Belnap Aspire– direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something; desire, hope for, dream of, long for, yearn for, set one’s heart on, wish for, want, be desirous of As a young girl I had one aspiration. Acting. I loved everything about it. The pretend, the dress […]

The Friend Magazine’s ‘When I Grow Up’ Feature

In January of this year, The Friend magazine launched a feature entitled “When I Grow Up” that appears every other month in the Church’s publication targeted to primary-age children. This short feature asks questions of people about their jobs in a similar manner to our “Career Day” interviews. January’s issue featured Sheryl Garner, a teacher. March’s […]

Encouraging a Questing Spirit

by Heidi Doxey When I was in 4th or 5th grade I remember having heated arguments with my cousin, just a year older, about which one of us would be the first female President of the United States. We got in actual fights about who would be elected first which were only settled by deciding […]

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