Organizing an Aspiring Mormon Women Meet Up in Your Area

Regular AMW meetups occur in the Boston, Salt Lake, and Washington D.C. areas. Please see our Events Page for more information on upcoming events.

We love that LDS women want to get together, meet in person, and network with other like-minded women. We encourage this type of networking and want to help facilitate such organic gatherings.

The mission of Aspiring Mormon Women is to encourage, support, and celebrate one another in our professional and educational endeavors. If you are interested in organizing an Aspiring Mormon Women meet-up group to help women in your area fulfill this mission, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Try to determine other women in your area who would be interested in attending the meet up. Use the Facebook discussion forum or the contact info from the Excel spreadsheet found in the discussion group to find women in your geographical area.
  2. Contact Naomi and Dianne, co-founders of AMW, with your general interest in gathering women for an AMW meet up at
  3. Announce the plans for a meet up in the Facebook discussion forum and gather ideas for best times/days. Days and times should reflect what works best for the group, including gatherings in the mornings, lunchtime, later at night, or on the weekends.
  4. Decide on a location for the meet up. Suggestions for meet up locations could include gathering at a local eatery or a centrally located private residence.
  5. Create an event in the Facebook discussion forum. You may also want to send out a reminder email with date, time and venue to those who have RSVP’d.
  6. Choose a format for the meet up. Time should always be provided to allow women in the group opportunity to introduce themselves and a chance to talk about questions and concerns that are important to them. You may also consider selecting specific topics to discuss or learning a new skill. When planning meet ups, remember that the goals of AMW are to uplift, inspire and help one another in our professional and educational endeavors. Please keep conversations helpful and encouraging.
  7. After the meet up, we would love you to post a picture of the group at the meet up and a short write-up of where you went and maybe a couple takeaways from the night. As the organizer of the meet up, you will be responsible for sending us the information to post on the website and/or in the Facebook group.
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