Making God Your Divine Center

by Christina Shelley Albrecht You know that President Benson quote, “Men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can”? Have you ever wondered how to do that on a day-to-day basis? I recently read a book that I consider […]

Women “At the Pulpit”

by Dianne Orcutt Last week I was able to attend a thoughtful discussion with the editors and four of the discoursers from the newly released book At the Pulpit: 185 Years of Discourses by Latter-Day Saint Women. Hosted by the Women’s Outreach Committee of the LDS Public Affairs Department, the event brought together many women […]

Interview with Janiece Johnson and Jennifer Reeder, Authors of The Witness of Women

with Dianne Orcutt As I sat in Gospel Doctrine class yesterday, our teacher excitedly commented that she loved how every four years as we come back to the Doctrine & Covenants there are more stories, more records, and more information illuminating the experience of the Restoration. I loved her enthusiasm for seeking out the lesser […]

AMW 2016 Gift Guide

Are you shopping for an aspiring Mormon woman (or girl!) this year? Check out our 2016 gift guide, containing some awesome and inspirational items to wear or read. As always, thank you for supporting AMW by shopping through our Amazon affiliate link. First, we are excited to announce that AMW has teamed up with Jewelry by Jilly Bean to […]

Book Review: The Assertiveness Guide for Women

by Heidi Doxey   Going to therapy is a lot like getting a teeth cleaning: it’s really not that big of a deal, and you should probably make an appointment every six months whether you think you need it or not. Combine that with regular, daily maintenance and you can mostly avoid major breakdowns or […]

Book Review: Our Heavenly Family, Our Earthly Families

by Naomi Watkins We just wrapped up a General Conference where the speakers’ references and mentions of our Heavenly Parents was off the charts (i.e. Elders Uchtdorf, Ballard, and Rasband, and more). This more frequent acknowledgement that God consists of both a heavenly father and mother may not seem like much to some (well, yeah, duh, we Mormons […]

Revisiting the Friend Magazine’s ‘When I Grow Up’ Feature

by Naomi Watkins In May 2014, we noticed the Friend magazine (the LDS Church’s magazine for primary-age kids) had started a series of short features called “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…”that asks people about their jobs in a similar manner to our “Career Day” interviews. We at AMW were excited about this […]

The Student Record: Candilyn, Counseling Psychology

Name: Candilyn Newell School/University: Brigham Young University City/Location: Provo, Utah Major/Field of Study: American Studies/Art History Double Major and PhD Counseling Psychology Candidate Marital status/children: Married, 6 children and 14 grandchildren What led you to the program that you are currently pursuing or have completed? Why did you select this major or field of study?  My […]

Girls’ Sports Participation Series: Part I

Over the next several weeks, we’re featuring stories of AMWers who participated in high school and college athletics–and women who are still participating in athletics as adults. If you’re interested in sharing your story, email us at Joanna Bell Hadlock As I look back on my life, I’m reminded how much participating in sports shaped […]

Interview with the Editors of Women & Mormonism

with Naomi Watkins Kate Holbrook and Matthew Bowman’s edited volume, Women and Mormonism: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, offers essays about how Mormon women have experienced and expressed their agency within and beyond institutional church structures–a topic that is incredibly germane to the Aspiring Mormon Women community. As Dianne, Heidi, and I presented at the Sunstone Symposium […]

Running Across America: Keila Merino

  with Naomi Watkins By the time you read this article, Keila Merino will have already completed 5 days of running an average of 50 miles per day towards her goal to claim the Guinness World Record for the fastest run across America. She’s attempting to run from Los Angeles City Hall to NYC City Hall in […]

#embraceyourAND: Taking a Leap of Faith

by Holly Ellis For many Mormon women, when it comes to “taking a leap of faith” and pursuing educational and professional goals, the hardest part is believing that you can . . . or, that you should! As a Mormon woman, I always wanted to be a wife and mother, and I believed that these […]

Personal Finance: Budgeting – Part 1

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA Budgeting – First things first! Everyone knows they should budget.  It is on that eternal list of New Year’s resolutions and things we are going to change about ourselves.  I’m going to get organized, exercise, eat healthy and stick to a budget.  And, like most New Year’s resolutions the budget lasts […]

April ’16 General Women’s Session: Top 10 List

by Naomi Watkins For me, Saturday’s Women Session might have been one of the best church meetings ever. So many things to celebrate! And I anticipate more goodness to come. A great tone has been set for the rest of General Conference. 10. The female announcer. While a female voice announcing the Women’s Session isn’t […]

Interview with Olympian Kate Hansen

Kate Hansen is an American luger who has competed since 2003. In 2008 she became the youngest Junior World Champion at age fifteen. In 2013 Kate won the USA Luge National Championship with a broken foot. She finished 10th place in the Sochi 2014 Olympics. She recently retired from luge and currently attends Brigham Young University.  Kate, your aspirations […]

Men who nurture, women who provide: The New Era and How To #EmbraceYourAND

by Dianne Orcutt This month’s New Era magazine features a great article entitled Your Future: Awesome by Design, with the tag “Want a great career, family, and testimony? You can choose the path to success today!” Like the recent Friend article “Savannah the Engineer,” discussed at By Common Consent, this article cuts against traditional gender […]

Trust the Lord’s Plan

by Rebecca Lucero I always remember my mom telling us that all she ever wanted was to be a mom. My mom is a great mom. She’s an amazing seamstress and cook. She can clean anything. Clothes never wear out when she does the laundry. She always attended all our sports games and ran us […]

I’m a Getter AND a Giver

by Naomi Watkins The December issue of the New Era, the church magazine for young women and men ages 12-18, includes a short article asking readers, “Are you a getter or a giver?” and includes the following illustration: Looking at the illustration of the two young women, the young woman on the right is wearing her Young Women medallion, she’s […]

AMW Reader Survey

If you’re a reader, follower, supporter, and/or discussion forum member, we ask that you take a few minutes and participate in a short survey to help us provide better-tailored content and resources for you. Think of it as your Christmas gift to us. ACCESS THE SURVEY HERE.

AMW’s 2015 Gift Guide

Holiday season is upon us! If you are looking for a special gift for an Aspiring Mormon Woman, here are a few suggestions: For the young Aspiring Mormon Woman: Girls Who Choose God, by McArthur Krishna & Bethany Brady Spalding – “The women from the Book of Mormon are profound examples of not letting their life circumstances […]

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