Men who nurture, women who provide: The New Era and How To #EmbraceYourAND

by Dianne Orcutt This month’s New Era magazine features a great article entitled Your Future: Awesome by Design, with the tag “Want a great career, family, and testimony? You can choose the path to success today!” Like the recent Friend article “Savannah the Engineer,” discussed at By Common Consent, this article cuts against traditional gender […]

Yes, They Do–Mormon Men Marry (Aspiring) Doctors

by Naomi Watkins “Do Mormon boys marry women who want to become doctors?” –A search engine question that brought someone to AMW. I’m guessing that a young LDS woman with medical school aspirations typed this earnest question, looking for affirmation. And I really hope that her Internet search proved that YES! Yes, they do. But in case […]

I’m a Getter AND a Giver

by Naomi Watkins The December issue of the New Era, the church magazine for young women and men ages 12-18, includes a short article asking readers, “Are you a getter or a giver?” and includes the following illustration: Looking at the illustration of the two young women, the young woman on the right is wearing her Young Women medallion, she’s […]

How to Thrive as a Working Mormon Mom

by Alison Herzog I went through phases growing up – one being a period where I believed I would be a doctor or a lawyer with a husband who stayed home with the kids – and the rest, believing I would be a stay-at-home mother, just like my mom. When the time came for my […]

Making It Work For Our Family

by Sara Barber Parenting is divine, but is not necessarily tied to gender roles. Together, parents have the responsibility to provide, protect, teach and nurture their children. This is the conclusion my husband and I both came to while I was pregnant with our first child. Our plan had always been for me to work […]

Individually Adapting for our Family’s Circumstances

by Joanna Hadlock I never considered myself a conventional Mormon. I always figured I’d be married with kids one day and have the stay-at-home mom life, but I guess I never really thought about the details until it was time to make the decision. After the birth of our first child, a situation presented itself […]

New Pew Study: Mormons Believe More Women in Workforce = Change for the Worse

Yesterday the Pew Research Center released its Religious Landscape Report entitled  “U.S. Public Becoming Less Religious.” For the first time, the survey included a question asking if participants felt that having more women in the workforce has been a change for the better or worse. And the results:   A majority of religious participants feel that more women in […]

#EmbraceYourAND: Married AND BYU Student AND Graduate

As part our campaign to eliminate the prevalent either/or mentality in regards to women’s education, career, and family life, we will be featuring vignettes from various women sharing specific combinations of ANDs in their lives. In this feature, we highlight women who were BYU students when they married and who also graduated. Dantzel, Washington State I had […]

More About #EmbraceYourAND

by Naomi Watkins Many LDS young women (living in Utah) “cannot envision a life of integration…or cannot imagine being simultaneously married, having children, and continuing college…Some believe that women need to ‘give up’ or ‘sacrifice’ college for their husbands/families.” [1] The #EmbraceYourAND campaign that we launched last week is a way to eliminate this prevalent either/or […]

Throw Away the Life Script & Turn to Him

by Naomi Watkins “When I was young I thought the noblest thing in this life was to be a mother—I have since learned that the best mission in life is the one the Lord has prepared for me.” –President Ardeth G. Kapp* Like President Kapp, the most vital piece of advice that I can give […]

Healing Aspirational Shame

 by Julie de Azevedo Hanks, PhD, LCSW I grew up in contradictory worlds. I was born and raised in Studio City, California in the heart of the entertainment business. Our neighbor was a makeup artist for movies like “Top Gun.” My extended family had a TV show, and my father, a professional musician, was the musical […]

Podcast #10: Do LDS Men Unintentionally Discriminate?: A Response

In this podcast Naomi, Ryan, and Julianne respond to a blog post on Modern Mormon Men that posed the question: “Are Mormon Men Unintentionally Discriminating at Work?” Our answer? Well, listen and find out. Link to the study that Ryan references in the podcast.

Why LDS Women Need to Stop Saying Bad Words

by Candace Child On Sunday, I was at a mission homecoming for a friend and found myself talking to a Young Women’s leader from high school about what I was up to these days. I responded, “Oh, I’m just working.” And then I said to myself, Candace, stop saying that word. The word “just” is […]

Ambition, That “Dirty” Word

by Naomi Watkins In the months leading up to the launch of Aspiring Mormon Women, we agonized over the name of this organization. We brainstormed lists of possibilities—most of them not-so-great. We had conversations with people about our mission and our plans, asking for opinions about a name. And as we articulated our vision and […]

Three Things I Wish I Could Say to Every Young LDS Woman

by Melanie Steimle I recently moved into a ward that is quite diverse in the range of ages represented. There are a good number of young married women in the ward, and occasionally I’ll hear one of them make a comment about school or work that makes me want to jump in with a piece […]

Disengaging from the Mommy Wars

by Kaylie Astin To listen to some reports, you’d think President Obama is a stay-at-home mother hater. Here are his controversial words, from an Oct. 31 speech in Rhode Island: “Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of […]

Daring, Not Shaming, Greatly

by Naomi Watkins I recently finished reading Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. I first became familiar with Brown’s work when I watched her TED Talk about vulnerability and found it insightful. And her book? It was gut-wrenching, like I’m on […]

Frame Yourself as a Persister

by Rosemary Capps Bartlett Many women who visit this site are returning to higher education after time away. Earlier essays have covered topics such as how to find a mentor as a student, how to be a good mentee, practical considerations for a return to college (both part 1 and part 2), and profiles of […]

Four Tips for Thwarting Impostor Syndrome

Image credit: Gabriele Ferreira by Naomi Watkins “What you create doesn’t have to be perfect…Don’t let fear of failure discourage you.” –Dieter F. Uchtdorf At the young age of 22, I faced a room full of seniors who were in the midst of their final semester of high school. I was their student teacher charged […]

Reaching Out: Networking at Church

Image credit: Andrew by Melanie Steimle A few weeks ago I received an email from the roommate of a friend in my ward. “Hi Melanie, I think we may have met once at my house. I noticed on LinkedIn that you work in career counseling and I was wondering if you would have some time […]

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