5 Things I Learned When I Found a Budget that Worked

By Anna Bergevin I have tried a lot of different budgeting approaches over the years. From Quicken to Mint to a simple budget in Excel — I’ve set them up, gained some understanding, and quit. These budgets helped me break down my expenses, but they did little to change my behavior in the long run. […]

Personal Finance: 20 Accounting Terms You Should Know

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA OK, admit it – you read “Accounting Terms” and thought “that does NOT apply to me!”  Let me explain why this post applies to everyone.  At some point in your life you are going to encounter an accounting term; if you know the basics terms you will handle these situations with […]

Financial Fitness

by Sheila Sawka If you are like me, and the rest of the world, you have once again made a New Year’s resolution to become more physically fit in 2017. I’m hoping this year my goal will survive past January 14. We have constant reminders of the state of our bodies as we look in […]

Spending at Christmas

by Cindy Psuik According to the American Research Group, shoppers around the country say they are planning to spend an average of $929 for gifts this holiday season. Really, is that all? The one time of the year that I become most vulnerable to overspending is during the month of December in preparation for Christmas. […]

Health Care Spending – Maximizing your tax benefits

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA It is that time of year! No, not the holiday season, open enrollment and health insurance exchange renewal season. This year many of us are being faced with large increases in our health insurance costs along with the loss of some key benefits.  You may be asking yourself what you can […]

Easing the Transition from SAHM-Life to Working Mom Life

by Brooke Nelson Edwards So you’ve been a stay-at-home mom and now you’re headed back (or maybe going for the first time) to a full-time job outside the home? First off, congratulations on your new job! With the interview and hiring process now behind you, the battle to on-ramping after kids is half won. Maybe […]

“Financial hacks” that can really make a difference

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA As I was recently wrapping up our AMW series on financial budgeting, I was reflecting on ways to make a difference in our budget.  There are always the big ones that seem far away and hard to reach, like gaining a new job skill or changing your employment, but what I […]

Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament

This post is part of our series on girls’ athletic participation. Did you know that seven out of 10 girls don’t feel that they belong in sports? A major reason for these feelings stems from girls’ poor body image. Drs. Lexie and Lindsay Kite of Beauty Redefined, a non-profit organization that helps girls and women recognize, reject and resist […]

Personal Finance: Budgeting – Part 5, Life and Accountability

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA Budgeting is one of the top two most common New Year’s resolutions – and we all know that the majority of New Year’s resolutions fail.  Why?  LIFE!!  Life happens, we get busy, we have conflicts, we make mistakes, etc.  How can you help your budget resolution (New Year’s or otherwise) stick […]

Personal Finance: Budgeting – Part 4, The Debt Snowball

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA Hopefully by now you are starting to get in the groove of your budget.  You are getting accustomed to tracking your spending and then planning where to spend it, in advance.  Hopefully you’ve found a budget tool that works for you – whether it is a pen and paper, an Excel […]

Personal Finance: Budgeting – Part 3

A LITTLE PAIN NOW, OR A LOT LATER? by Nicolette Alger Now that you have taken the time to find your ‘why’, track your spending, and have listed your financial goals, you are ready to understand a bit more about why budgeting is so important.  Why is having a budget going to help you achieve […]

Personal Finance: Budgeting – Part 2

BUDGETING PART 2 – NEXT STEPS by Jonyce Bullock, CPA Give yourself a pat on the back!  You made it to step 2!  You should now be armed with your first two budgeting steps and ready to take the next step forward.  These two items will be important as we move forward so make sure […]

Personal Finance: Budgeting – Part 1

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA Budgeting – First things first! Everyone knows they should budget.  It is on that eternal list of New Year’s resolutions and things we are going to change about ourselves.  I’m going to get organized, exercise, eat healthy and stick to a budget.  And, like most New Year’s resolutions the budget lasts […]

Personal Finance: Taxes

by Jonyce Bullock Tax Time! I know – you read the title of this post and secretly got excited, right? No?! While this might not be the most popular topic of our financial series, it may be one of the most important. Taxes affect every one of us, but they can be convoluted and scary. […]

Women and Money

by Jonyce Bullock, CPA In February 2015, Fidelity released the results of a study on women and finances. In this study they identified several interesting findings. First, they found that women are very interested in learning more about their finances. In fact 92% of women reported wanting to learn more about financial planning, 75% want […]

Cash for College

by Heidi Doxey The number one reason a college student drops out prior to earning a degree is financial; tuition is expensive, books and fees are expensive, living expenses cost more money, and when a student is spending hours a week in class and doing homework instead of earning money all those expenses add up. […]

How To: Apply to College

by: Heidi Doxey Summer is over. “Back to School” season is over. The holidays are looming (there are already decorated Christmas trees in my grocery store, right next to the Halloween candy). High school seniors: it is time to start filling out college applications. What? But it’s only October!? Yep. The best time to submit […]

Disrupt Yourself: An Interview with Whitney Johnson

by Dianne Orcutt As busy Latter-day Saint women, most of us fall into ruts and routine as we try to juggle all the many responsibilities and ANDs in our lives.  I often find myself getting caught up in the inevitable current of my life that seems to propel me forward on some predetermined path.  Sometimes […]

Child Care: Finding What Works

by Dianne Orcutt Five months ago I became a mother for the first time. And although I had months to prepare for a childcare plan for my daughter before returning to work, I avoided thinking about it because it seemed so fraught with emotion and because I was sure I had plenty of time. Luckily, […]

Podcast #11: Economic Reasons for Girls to Aspire

Ryan travels to Washington D.C. where he catches up with Martha, an AMW mentor leader, and Labor Economist at the U.S. Census Bureau. They talk about some of the big economic trends in the United States and what they might mean for the rising generation of Aspiring Mormon Women. Topics include rising inequality, increased risk […]

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