Our Mission

Aspiring Mormon Women is a 501c(3)non-profit organization with the broad purpose to encourage, support, and celebrate the educational and professional aspirations of LDS women who are high school age, who are in school, who are working, or who are desiring to return to school or the workforce.

More specifically, the goals of this organization are to:

  • Embrace and discuss the intersection of the personal, educational and/or professional, and spiritual lives of LDS women.
  • Include LDS women of all ages, at various levels of faith, and across all education levels.
  • Showcase the great work that has been accomplished by LDS women of the past, that is continuing with LDS women today, and that will be accomplished by LDS women in the future.
  • Support women in their efforts to develop their talents and pursue knowledge as they realize their potential to meaningfully and effectively contribute to the world around them.
  • Inspire and empower LDS women to purposefully pursue (and complete) educational opportunities—both formal and informal.
  • Provide informal and formal mentoring and networking opportunities for LDS women.
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