Why should I be a part of Aspiring Mormon Women?

Aspiring Mormon Women is a community that provides the support and tools needed to assist Latter-day Saint women in fulfilling their educational and professional goals. If you are interested in coming together with like-minded women to teach and learn from one another, consider new horizons, and achieve your individual educational and professional aims, then Aspiring Mormon Women is for you.

I don’t necessarily view myself as an “aspiring” woman. How would you describe an “aspiring” woman?

An aspiring Mormon woman is desirous to improve herself through education and/or work endeavors. “Aspiring” does not imply a certain level of accomplishment or number of degrees or earning potential. This descriptor is intended to be all-inclusive, so please do not self-select yourself out of participating because you feel inferior in your accomplishments. We are all on a path towards self-improvement; these paths simply contain different specifics and timetables.

Do I have to be an active Mormon to be a part of Aspiring Mormon Women?

No. As long as you identify as “Mormon,” we welcome you, but ask that you are respectful of the Church and those who are active members.

Can men be a part of Aspiring Mormon Women?

Yes! We are all more successful when we have support and encouragement from both women and men.

Are you advocating that Mormon women work outside of the home?

We realize that each woman’s situation, circumstances, interests, and desires are different; therefore, we do not advocate one specific path for all women. Additionally, our focus at Aspiring Mormon Women on the work women do for pay does not mean that we do not support or recognize the work women do in the home or for volunteer. We suggest that women who are interested in receiving support for the development of parenting and homemaking skills consult the wide array of web sites, online forums, and in-person settings dedicated to these topics.

Are you advocating that all Mormon women should earn college degrees?

We believe women should receive as much education and skills as they can through formal or informal means at universities, colleges, trade schools, community colleges, continuing education courses, enrichment classes, etc. Depending on a woman’s individual goals, a university or college degree may not be the best route to gaining the skills and knowledge that she needs to realize her goals.

Is this a Mormon feminist web site?

The discussion of LDS gender policies and rhetoric are not the primary aim of Aspiring Mormon Women. While we recognize that many of these policies and rhetoric may influence LDS women’s pursuits of education and career, we choose to focus on overcoming potential barriers through support and encouragement rather than criticism.

If the LDS Church has the Relief Society organization, what purpose does Aspiring Mormon Women fill?

Relief Society’s purpose is to “[prepare] women for the blessings of eternal life by helping them increase their faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and home, and help those in need.” Aspiring Mormon Women supports these same purposes; however, our primary focus is supporting and encouraging women in their educational and professional endeavors. Many LDS women find that there is not space in Relief Society meetings for conversations focused on and questions related to their educational and professional pursuits. Aspiring Mormon Women strives to connect women who are pursuing similar goals and careers regardless of geographical LDS ward and stake boundaries.

Is Aspiring Mormon Women affiliated with the LDS Church?

Aspiring Mormon Women is not an official organization or publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The views expressed on this web site are the responsibility of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the position of the Church.

What is Aspiring Mormon Women’s comment policy?

As stated in our mission statement, Aspiring Mormon Women is a place to encourage, support, and celebrate the educational and professional aspirations of Mormon women. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility for each person and his or her choices.

We reserve the right to delete questionable or offensive comments. We ask you to follow these general guidelines:

  1. Stay on topic.

  2. No personal attacks. In particular, please be respectful of the individual choices of others.

  3. No spam or personal promotion. Links may be provided as long as they are not excessive or repetitive.

  4. If you choose to use profanity, keep it classy and to a minimum.

What are the future plans of Aspiring Mormon Women?

Our future plans include: 1) rolling out the mentoring and networking portion of the organization in Fall 2013, 2) highlighting the stories and addressing the needs of LDS women outside of the United States, 3) featuring the visual and fine art talents of LDS women, 4) receiving our 501(c)3 non-profit status, and 5) funding scholarships for LDS women. Our goal is to be the source for LDS women regarding their educational and professional pursuits.

How can I be involved in Aspiring Mormon Women?

Please see our “Get Involved” page for more information.

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