Video Interview: Lisa Valentine Clark from ‘Once I Was a Beehive’

Photo cred: Justin Hackworth

Lisa Valentine Clark familyNaomi chats with Lisa Valentine Clark, actor, producer, writer, BYU English graduate, mother of five, and wife, about her various projects, including critically-acclaimed film Once I Was a Beehive and her book, Real Moms: Making it Up as We GoLearn about how Lisa embraces her ANDs and her aspirations as a young woman and now.



2 Comments on “Video Interview: Lisa Valentine Clark from ‘Once I Was a Beehive’

  1. This was a great interview! As a mom of a 17 year-old senior and three younger ones, I completely relate with Lisa’s desire to develop more wisdom and find new creative endeavors. I loved how authentic and honest this conversation was and felt like I was part of a heart-to-heart chat with my girlfriends. Thank you! Oh, and my three girls (two current beehives and one former beehive) and I loved Lisa’s movie.

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