Good News Minute: Work & School Style

If you are anything like many of us here at AMW (although we’re getting better!), we tend to keep silent during the Good News Minute in Relief Society (if our Relief Societies even have such a tradition) when it comes to sharing successes related to our jobs and school. It’s been a looong time since we’ve asked for good news shout-outs on the website, so while many of you have shared via our discussion forum, we’d love for you to share your good news related to work or school so we can celebrate with you and be inspired by your accomplishments!

Did you receive a promotion? Decide to return to school? Successfully pass that dreaded exam? Land your dream job? Conquer a fear of public speaking? Do something new and scary to you? Or something else that’s just as awesome and worth celebrating?

6 Comments on “Good News Minute: Work & School Style

  1. I won a spirit award from my school district for being nominated by a student that I’ve put in lots of extra time and effort with. She is taking science for the third time and finally passed one of two semesters she needs to pass. These don’t come up very often because most people (and especially students) don’t bother nominating anyone.

  2. Yay! I recently got invited to co-teach a body image and self esteem course–which will commence, in just a few weeks. I love helping others learn to love themselves, so they can then go forward toward their potential. These are research areas that fascinate me–both academically and personally; in large part, because they have been important factors in my own life’s journey. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share! 🙂

  3. Lots of good things for me this month. I was offered and accepted a new job and they’re paying my relocation expenses! My student worker at my previous job cried when she found out I was leaving and then bought me a cupcake from the best cupcake place in town. As part of my new job I get to teach a class. And now that I’m in a reasonable cost of living area, I can finally afford my own apartment!

  4. I accepted a long term substitute teaching position to replace a colleague (and former teacher) who is retiring early. Administration has already asked me to accept the full time position for the second semester. It has felt really amazing to be lauded and wanted by so many people in my profession. I don’t know what I’m going to do and didn’t think I wanted to go full time after I had my baby last year. I am, however, convinced that this is what God wants me to do at least for the next 9 weeks. 🙂

  5. I landed/got dumped with/volunteered for the biggest story that I am likely to cover as a student reporter. I will have the chance to cover it from a huge variety of angles online and in print. I am even getting a special logo that will go along with every story.

    Today I got an unexpected windfall via an early FOIA response, with a letter that came heavily dedacted, and an explanation of the redaction that is priceless. (Truly I couldn’t have paid for this and been more excited.)

    For everyone who doesn’t speak reporter-dork, I got a big, huge, complicated story to follow all year, and a major scoop that the big papers in town missed.

  6. I’m starting a coding bootcamp next week in SF. This should help bridge the lack-of-a-resume that SAHMing for 6 years has given me.

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