The Friend Magazine’s ‘When I Grow Up’ Feature

In January of this year, The Friend magazine launched a feature entitled “When I Grow Up” that appears every other month in the Church’s publication targeted to primary-age children. This short feature asks questions of people about their jobs in a similar manner to our “Career Day” interviews.

January’s issue featured Sheryl Garner, a teacher.

March’s issue featured Ron Dittermore, an engineer.

May’s issue features Jane Clayson, a mother.

We’re holding out for an article that features a female computer programmer and a father.

Your thoughts?

4 Comments on “The Friend Magazine’s ‘When I Grow Up’ Feature

  1. WAIT! Jane Clayson was also a wonderful news reporter. I’ll never forget how touched I was when the Twin Towers news broke into Good Morning America and she was very emotional as news rolled in and she reported. Everyone else was so stoic and professional. But Jane was human.

    Also, yesterday, I went to pick up my son’s friend who was coming over for a play date. I took a few minutes to get acquainted with the husband and happened to mention what my husband did for a living. Then, without missing a beat, he asked, “And where do you work?” It was so awesome. This is a question no one in the Church ever asks. I felt flattered, happy, recognized. I mean, I was there with my kids, obviously I’m a mother, but the questions implies acknowledgement that I have much to contribute outside my home as well.

    Also . . . if “mother” counts as career then “father” must also. Can we get enough comments here to forward this post on to the powers that be in Church publication and do something about this marginalization?

  2. The friend article highlights Jane Clawson ‘ s journalism career as well. It reads as though she just chose to emphasize her aspiration to be a mom and the challenges and rewards of that role instead of focusing on her aspirations and experience related to her journalism work. It shows that goals for family and career are both good and can coexist and be achieved in a happy, healthy way. Also, I would believe that the powers that govern church publishing are well aware of AMW and the viewpoints it represents and have been for a while. Hence the article in The Friend about a successful, professional female and mother. It shows that as a church we really are embracing and encouraging a broadening of the variety of healthy roles for men and women. This is absolutely refreshing and necessary as the church must be as inclusive as its doctrine which truly is to include anyone who accepts a mode of life dedicated to loving God and follow man. Occasionally the mortal fallible membership, even leadership, can make it seem otherwise but I take heart knowing that is a byproduct of humanity not deity.

  3. “Mortal fallible membership” including people who jump to conclusions before reading the article in its entirely. 😉 Thanks for the clarification, Emily.

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