Showing Up to Your Dreams

by Dianne Orcutt

I’ve written about how the women in my life gave me the confidence to dream. They believed in me, they supported me, and they showed me that confidence by the examples of their own lives.   I also wrote about how finding pursuits that we are passionate about, professional or otherwise, can be energizing and fulfilling.  Another important element of dreams and passion, however, and perhaps the most important, is our faith in ourselves and in our dreams. I’ve reflected on the importance of believing in myself as I’ve taken inventory of the mental barriers I place in front of myself that keep me from developing and growing into my best self. I came across a wonderful post in the Harvard Business Review blog a couple of months ago, which resonated with me and my desire to move beyond my fear of failure.

“A look at some of the research has convinced me that maybe Woody Allen was right, and 80% of success really is just showing up. According to Keith Simonton, professor of psychology at UC Davis, the odds of a scientist writing a groundbreaking paper (defined as the number of citations in other works) is directly correlated to the number of papers that the scientist has written — not to how smart the scientist is. …

We all dream about winning, but it’s the showing up that counts. …

The good news is that the causal mechanism for achieving our dreams is always, always, always showing up:  and as we show up, our future will too.”  (The entire post is worth reading, so give it a click!)

As the new year approaches and those resolutions we make begin to take shape in our minds, I’d challenge each of you (and myself) to resolve to show up. Showing up makes the difference. Our hopes, dreams, and aspirations stand a better chance if we say no to our doubts and fears, and say yes to our potential and to those opportunities to go outside of our comfort zones.
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How have you “shown up” to your dreams and aspirations? What changes can you make to help you achieve your current and future goals?

2 Comments on “Showing Up to Your Dreams

  1. This short excellent article is actually huge! So much to evaluate, ponder and continue showing even when it appears to be difficult, impossible or we seem not to have the strength. I learned this a long time ago: “If not now, when?….If not here, where?…If not me, Who?”


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