October Good News Minute: Work & School Style

If you are anything like many of us here at AMW, we tend to keep silent during the Good News Minute in Relief Society (if our Relief Societies even have such a tradition) when it comes to sharing successes related to our jobs and school work. It’s been three months since our last “Good News Minute: Work and School Style,” so it’s time to once again share your good news related to work or school.

Did you receive a promotion? Decide to return to school? Successfully pass that dreaded exam? Land your dream job? Conquer a fear of public speaking? Or something else that’s just as awesome and worth celebrating? In the comments section, share with us your good news related to work and school from the last 3+ months. 


Also, feel free to participate in one of our Instagram challenges by sharing a photo of your workspace.


6 Comments on “October Good News Minute: Work & School Style

  1. I was invited to give 3 talks at a conference this month. I also just received approval to submit my first multi site grant next year. I would never discuss this in rs so I am ecstatic to share with you.

  2. I started my new teaching contract at a .68, temporary (meaning only guaranteed for a year), but I am doing such a good job that they gave me another .17 to try and get class size down a bit and my admin told me that he sees the temporary thing as “just a formality” and has every expectation of me being back on campus next year. Exhausted, but proud.

  3. Michelle:

    Three talks and a grant! Wow! So, so awesome, and thanks for sharing your great news with us.

  4. I was asked to give a fireside to a BYU ward for over 150 college women on body image concerns in college. This is exciting as it’s a direct acknowledgement of my expertise in treating eating disorders and other women’s issues as a psychologist.

  5. Ooh, Anna, that is so cool! It really is so flattering when our professional knowledge is recognized in a church context.

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