Good News Minute: Work & School Style

If you are anything like many of us here at AMW, we tend to keep silent during the Good News Minute in Relief Society (if our Relief Societies even have such a tradition) when it comes to sharing successes related to our jobs and school work. And while we could discuss at length the reasons behind this silence, we will keep that for another day.

As we head into the Independence Day weekend in the U.S., it’s a great time to not only celebrate our country, but also a time to celebrate the work and school successes and triumphs that these freedoms allow us as women. So in the comments section, share with us your good news related to work and school from the last 6+ months. Did you receive a promotion? Get accepted to the school of your choice? Successfully pass that dreaded class? Land your dream job? Conquer a fear of public speaking? Or something else that’s just as awesome?

We at AMW are celebrating the fact that we’re here with you and getting to know you. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm! There are many, many great things to come. For all of us.

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9 Comments on “Good News Minute: Work & School Style

  1. In the last six months I have been able to lead my department into a more market driven approach for product development! Many little successes along the way and lots of people stepping up!

  2. I got hired in a school district that hardly ever hires–particularly in the last few years. The job is part-time (which I wanted) but temporary (it only lasts this year, which I didn’t want), but it is the culmination of many years of volunteering and finishing a master’s degree.

    And no, I did not announce it in Relief Society.

    Amid news of announcements about babies, grandbabies and mission calls it seemed like it wasn’t important. But it is important to me and to my family. You know, if my husband had been out of work and gotten a job, I would have shouted it to the hills . . .

  3. Thanks for a big smile. I recently received a promotion at work. I would never share that during the good news minute.

  4. In the last six months I started a new project working for myself. I have faith that because of my education and experience it will be a great success.

  5. In the last 6 months, I was promoted to a management position in the small business I work for, which was perfect since my husband has been out of work since last year. Of course everyone at church is shocked that we are doing just fine on what one older guy in the ward referred to as my “little check.” (I had to bite my tongue from yelling “I have a master’s degree! I’ll put my ‘little check’ up against yours any day, pal!” Only in my head I wa saying a swear instead of pal…)
    Also in the last couple of months, I was able to uncover hard evidence that an employee had been stealing from the company for the past 2 years, and he has since pled guilty to felony charges. I’m pretty proud of that, because everyone else here suspected that he was stealing, but they couldn’t be bothere with looking into it.

  6. Prior to me going on maternity leave in January, my office had just expressed how much they loved having me on their team and how much they appreciated my hard work. That was nice to hear since it was basically the last time I had the opportunity to hear that because baby came a few weeks later and then we moved 800 miles for my husband’s new job. šŸ™‚ I’m hoping in the next year I’ll be able to do contract work part-time from home to keep up my masters-degree-earned skills… But for now I am loving that I’m able to stay home with Baby Girl.

  7. In the last 6 months I have taken on a LOT more work responsibilities and finally got a raise and a bonus as a thanks for my efforts. My boss also introduced me to a large group of professional colleagues as indispensable to her work and organization, and bcc’d me on an email to our CEO saying the same thing. After a really rough time at work for the 12 months before that, these affirmations were SO validating!

    And no, I would never talk about it in RS. šŸ™‚


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