• 2014 Yellowstone Trip with Bessie and LaMar Trego

    Career Day: Engineering and Project Management Professor

    I am a Mormon woman AND an athlete AND a world traveler AND an adventurer AND a board member of a non-profit AND a mentor AND a professor, AND an engineer with a doctorate Tell us a little about yourself and about your profession? I’m Angela Trego, PhD, PE, PMP. Those are lots of initials! […]

  • JenniAndrea2

    Parallel Lives, Fortunate Friends

      Andrea (right) and Jenni (left) met as freshman roommates in Helaman Halls at BYU. They became fast friends, were roommates for three years at BYU, and since then have stayed in touch through similar life experiences. They discuss how having a friend with a similar life path has provided support in their respective journeys. […]

  • Carmel Ferreira

    Career Day: Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist

    Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? My name is Carmel Ferreira. I am a first generation Latina from immigrant parents from Michoacan, Mexico.  My first language was Spanish and I learned to speak English while in elementary school and from my older siblings.  I am the youngest of eight children and […]

  • Tiffany

    The Student Record: Tiffany, B.A. in Psychology + Nursing Prereqs

    Welcome to our ongoing series, The Student Record, which profiles current or recently graduated college students, vocational school students, or students enrolled in certificate-type programs. Nominate a woman you know (or yourself) for this feature by emailing us. Name: Tiffany Blue-Diaz School/University: BA Psychology, University of Colorado; currently attending Tulsa Community College for nursing pre-requisites City/Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Major/Field […]

  • FB_IMG_1457745964149

    YW Spotlight: Faith, Aspiring Musician & Performer

    Name: Faith Manning City/Location: Bellevue, Washington Tell us a little about yourself: I’m fifteen years old, and I am the youngest and the only girl in a family of six (well, my mom, but she doesn’t count). I love reading, writing, learning new things, and making music with my family. What led you to your interest in music […]

  • MIchelle McCullough Headshot

    Entrepreneur Feature: Michelle McCullough

    Michelle McCullough started her first business (Doodads Promotional Products) when she was 19 and currently runs three companies including consulting businesses all over the world. A seasoned speaker, Michelle teaches success principles and leadership insights that help boost employee engagement and higher performance. She also loves to speak on what she calls The Social Media Blueprint […]

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