• AMY freeze

    Career Day: Meteorologist

    Tell us a little about yourself and about your job? My name is Amy Freeze. I currently live in New York City and I am a meteorologist for Eyewitness News on WABC Television. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University, a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University, and a […]

  • echobike

    Sports as a Focused Meditation

    by Mette Ivie Harrison I come from a very non-athletic family. Of eleven siblings, I remember three being involved in sports (two in cross-country, one a cheerleader) in high school, and none were in sports beyond high school. I was a swimmer for three years in high school and during that time my parents never […]

  • Lindsay

    How Volleyball Helped Shaped Me

    by Lindsay Chaney I started playing volleyball through my city community recreation center in fourth grade. I fell in love with the sport. In sixth grade I started playing club volleyball (competitive teams). Playing volleyball became my identity. Through junior and senior high school, six months out of the year I would spend my weekends at large […]

  • Beauty Redefined Interview

    Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament

    This post is part of our series on girls’ athletic participation. Did you know that seven out of 10 girls don’t feel that they belong in sports? A major reason for these feelings stems from girls’ poor body image. Drs. Lexie and Lindsay Kite of Beauty Redefined, a non-profit organization that helps girls and women recognize, reject and resist […]

  • Running in Glacier Park.

    Girls’ Sports Participation Series: Part II

    Over the next several weeks, we’re featuring stories of AMWers who participated in high school and college athletics–and women who are still participating in athletics as adults. If you’re interested in sharing your story, email us at amw@aspiringmormonwomen.org Sarah Jones Asthma plagued my childhood; some of my earliest memories are of wheezing on the couch as my mom […]

  • Celeste

    The Day Sports Mattered to Me

    by Celeste Tholen Growing up, I played soccer every day during recess. I loved running after the ball and maybe getting a piece of it. But I hovered dangerously close to the “picked last for the team” cliche, saved only by the fact that I was friends with the pretty, athletic girls who everyone wanted […]

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